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Carved wooden beds: rest royally (24 photos)


If earlier only representatives of blue blood could rest on the royal bed, then today practically anyone can arrange a sleeping place like a king. For example, carved wooden beds are an excellent option for creating a royal interior. Complicated ornate design makes them a work of art, which demonstrates the good taste of the owners and their ambitious outlook on life.



Carved double beds will look great in the bedrooms of a country mansion, made in one of the styles presented, and single beds will decorate the rooms of girls who dream of a romantic future.




Special look

It is difficult to talk about any advantages of a carved bed, because, in fact, it is based on the traditional design of a bed, but it can be noted that this bed:

  • looks very elegant and stylish;
  • has a unique design (most often beds with carved designs are made to order);
  • differs in long service life (for creation of such beds use solid breeds of a tree which keep the qualities tens of years).

Of course, such a bed requires special care. It is very important to thoroughly clean all curls and bends, because dirt and dust are best accumulated in them. If this is not done, the bed will soon turn into a museum piece, rather than a stylish sleeper. However, you should not be zealous with wet cleaning, it is better to stock up on special brushes and tools for processing wooden surfaces.

As mentioned earlier, carved beds are mainly made of precious wood, usually oak and linden. Their wood is best cut and at the same time maintains its performance for decades. To achieve different shades of the exterior design of wood, special coatings and paints for wood allow the construction market to be rich.



As you know, one of the signs of good taste is moderation, therefore, when making carved details of your bed, you should follow this rule. Of course, you can decorate the entire bed around the perimeter, however, there are only two of the most popular areas that are suitable for decoration:

  • carved legs;
  • carved headboard.

If the legs are most often made in the form of three-dimensional sculptures of wood, the headboards become a real field for imagination, where truly magnificent craftsmanship of the creator unfolds. Beautiful headboards sometimes resemble pictures of great masters and become an independent element of the interior.

Woodcarving as an art originates from ancient times. In Russia, this kind of transformation of space has a special history. Many architectural monuments, decorated with wooden carvings, still remain among the country's cultural heritage.

As a decoration of household items, including beds, use only a few of the most well-known variants of woodcarving, which are worth discussing in more detail:

  • flat thread;
  • relief;
  • through;
  • sculptural

All these techniques have many subcategories that were formed in different schools of masters and in different territories, but they all differ in unsurpassed elegance and skill.



Flat thread

This type of work with wood implies that the main background remains flat, and the elements of the thread are, as it were, embedded into it. There are several main types of this technique:

  • contour thread - only the contour of the objects is cut, their main surface is on a level with the background;
  • staple thread - the pattern in this case is created with the help of cuts located in different directions in the form of brackets applied by a special tool;
  • black threading - the work is carried out on the surface, which was originally coated with black varnish, thus creating an extraordinary game of contrasts;
  • geometric carving - at the base of this technique are smooth lines and combinations of various shapes that are intertwined in an intricate pattern.

Flat carving is suitable for decoration of the backs and side surfaces of the bed.

This technique is considered more complex than ploskovyemchataya. Here, the elements are not embedded in the background, but rather rise above it, thereby creating three-dimensional images on the plane. Consider the most popular types of technology:

  • flat carving - the background and the pattern are on the same level;
  • deaf carving - the picture significantly rises above the main background, depending on the height of the ornament, they distinguish bas-relief (the figures slightly protrude above the base) and high-relief (the figures significantly protrude above the background and become similar to sculptures).

This type of woodworking is suitable for decorating furniture and exterior items. It will look very beautiful on adult double beds and on the headboards of children's beds. For the child, it will be a whole story told in his room, the image can be studied every time before going to bed, always finding something new.



Through thread

As the name implies, in this case, the wood is cut through, most often get rid of the background. The resulting design is filled with ease, openwork and airiness. Such a bed made of solid wood will be a great decoration for a young girl's room.

Depending on the tool used, such threads are:

  • slotted - chisels were used in the work;
  • sawn - the background was removed with a saw or jigsaw.

Openwork back, made in such a technique, will seem almost weightless and fill the entire surrounding interior with ease. It is necessary to be careful with the choice of the background surrounding the bed; nothing should weight the created structure.



Sculptural technique

This type of carving is most often used to design the legs of the bed or balusters, with which the canopy or canopy is held over the bed. Volumetric figures are cut with great precision and become independent works of art.

When making backs, they also sometimes use this technique, but the figures then almost completely stand out above the general background and begin to live their own lives.

This technique has no specific varieties, but differs in territorial characteristics and belonging to the school of craftsmen. Famous sculptures of natural character: plants, trees, animals and birds; human figures; religious images and battle scenes. This type of craftsmanship requires high qualifications, so each pattern is executed in only one instance and is considered a true work of art.



Additional design

A distinctive feature of all the above patterns is their independence. In essence, they are so self-sufficient that they often become separate elements of the interior.

However, often some ornaments need the right support in order to open up in full force. For example, you can decorate the bed with an airy canopy in the Oriental style or a silk veil that will convey the era of Victorian England.

Children's beds can be painted in different shades, and the bunk model can be equipped with a carved staircase that connects the patterns of the legs and backs in one composition. Images can also be decorated with metal inserts or cover some parts with bronze and gilding.