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Soap dish for the bathroom: comfortable, beautiful and stylish (26 photos)


A modern person who loves and appreciates comfort hardly imagines how it is possible to do without such an important object as a soap dish for a bathroom, and yet a few decades ago it was considered normal to put soap on the edge of a sink. However, it was not only ugly, but also unhygienic - the bar was quickly soaked and soiled. Fortunately, the designers gradually solved this problem, and today the soap dish for the bathroom has become as important an interior item as a sink, a washing machine, a bath mat or a towel holder.



What material will the soap dish be better for?

The range of plumbing stores is really amazing. There are sets for the bathroom and, in particular, soap dishes made from:

  • glass;
  • plastics;
  • metal;
  • wood;
  • silicone;
  • ceramics.

All these soap dishes are beautiful and original in their own way, but before you make a purchase, you need to study in advance the advantages and disadvantages of each of these materials.



The most "dangerous" are soap dishes and glasses for the bathroom of ceramics and glass. They can fall and break, or from a small blow cracks will crack the fragile material. However, such sets look very stylish and noticeably decorate the interior. If there are small children in the family, it is better to make a choice in favor of safety and to refuse to buy glass bathroom sets.

Plastic and wood soap dishes are also afraid of shocks and can be deformed if handled carelessly. It is also not necessary to buy bathroom sets of cheap silicone or plastic - often such materials are toxic and have an unpleasant smell.

Some unfairly consider the soap box an insignificant trifle, which only performs a practical function. However, in fact, it is an important piece of interior, with which you can properly place accents in the room.

A classic soap dish is ideal for a classic-style bathroom. It will perfectly fit in the style of loft and hi-tech. If you like these styles, buy soap dishes and glasses for the bathroom of chrome-plated metal - just can not go wrong.

If there are several bathrooms in your house, and only one of them is used by children, you can put bright plastic glasses for brushes and soap dishes. It is beautiful and safe. For a bathroom in eco-style is well suited set of bamboo or stone. Here the glass for a bathroom and a soap dish from glass will well look.



Soap dish table

Soap dishes for the bathroom differ not only in material, but also in design. One of the first to appear was desktop soap dishes. They are chosen by those who like to use soap in the bars and want it to be always at hand. It can be easily moved and put where you want. If you, on the contrary, do not want it to “roll” along the edge of the bathroom, buy a silicone “bath” on suckers. The disadvantage of these soap cases is that they take up extra space on the edge of the bathroom or sink, so if every square millimeter is counted, it is better to refuse such a soap box.



Desktop soap dishes are of different types. The most familiar option - the usual plastic or metal "bath". Desktop soap trays on high coasters made in the same style with glasses for toothbrushes and other bathroom accessories are very popular. These kits are made from metal, glass or plastic.

Whichever option you choose, the main thing to remember is that any soap dish for solid soap should have holes for draining water. Otherwise, even the most beautiful and expensive item will quickly become covered with mold and become useless.



Soap dish on the wall

The most popular in the plumbing stores are wall soaps. This is an option for those who do not want extra items on the sink or bathtub. Wall-mounted soap dishes are ideal for showers in which there is no place to put an ordinary soap box. If you do not want to punch holes in the tile, you can purchase soap dishes with suction cups. The surface needs to be well degreased and fix the soap box on it using a vacuum mechanism. It can also be glued to a special glue or double-sided tape. However, after some time with a sharp change in temperature or for other reasons, it may fall and break.

Greater interest among buyers, and especially among high-tech lovers, is caused by soap scraps. This small fixture is attached to the wall and a piece of soap is put inside. When you need to wash your hands, simply press the lever and the required amount of rubbed soap will fall into the palm.

This item has several advantages. Soap does not interact with water and therefore never soaks. Nobody takes him in his hands like a regular bar, which means that microbes do not accumulate on it. The grater is suitable for public places, because you do not really want to wash your hands with soaked soap lying in a soap dish, for example, in a clinic or a gym, but in such cases it is very convenient to use a soap float.



However, this design has its drawbacks. When wet, part of the chips easily slips through the fingers and goes into the sink drain. However, even if it has not fallen, small pieces of soap do not always work well to blur, so this hand washing is not always effective. A grater for soap is more likely to be used as an original interior decoration. To create the desired effect, it should be combined in style with holders and a paper towel dispenser.

The brilliant invention of recent years is considered liquid soap. Now you do not need to take the soaked soap from the soap box, but rather just press the dispenser a couple of times. Liquid soap is softer, so washing their hands is so nice. Manufacturers add various balms to it, due to which it not only has an antibacterial effect, but also softens the skin.

Bathroom dispensers are also popular because they allow you to use soap economically. With one click you can squeeze a drop, which will be enough to wash your hands. True, a lot depends on how concentrated soap is.

You can use the factory dispenser for soap, but it does not always look beautiful and fits into the interior. If you think that beauty is in the details, buy yourself a beautiful dispenser for liquid soap in the plumbing shop. Usually it comes with a glass for toothbrushes, a container for cotton swabs, a towel holder and other bathroom stuff. The volume of such a soap dish, depending on the model from 200 ml and more.