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Oval bath in the interior: design features (26 photos)


Gone are the days when in each apartment we were met by the same type of interior elements. The modern variety of design solutions allows you to shape the appearance of the premises for each character, lifestyle and even mood. For example, lovers of harmony and delicate forms will love the oval-shaped baths.



This bath has an original, but at the same time familiar shape that can transform any room. The laconic lines of the oval gently complement the interior, giving it peace and balance. The absence of sharp corners makes the oval bath the safest find, which, however, does not take up much space.



Bath base

Also, as the color palette of the oval bath is varied, the list of materials from which it is made is also varied. The most popular of them are considered to be:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • acrylic;
  • a rock.

Depending on what material the font will be made of, a list of characteristics peculiar to it will also be formed. In order to choose the best option, you should familiarize yourself with all.

Oval Cast Iron Baths

Despite the fact that today, cast-iron baths are not very popular, until recently it was the main type of plumbing found in homes. Although massive products made of cast iron are gradually being replaced by lighter models, it is necessary to note their main advantages:

  • do not bend;
  • do not create vibrations;
  • resistant;
  • keep warm for a long time.

With proper care for the enamel coating, which protects the cast-iron bath, its service life increases by tens of years. Modern production of bathtubs made of cast iron offers a variety of colors that allow you to enter such products in retro interiors.



Steel oval baths

The second place in strength after cast iron is steel. Despite the fact that it is inferior in strength, and perhaps its service life will not be so impressive, it is difficult not to list the main advantages of the steel construction:

  • low cost;
  • variety of sizes;
  • small weight;
  • rapid surface heating.

It is an oval bath of steel is not too expensive, therefore, considered the best option in the combination of "price and quality." Some users note poor sound insulation of this design, but if necessary, the bottom and walls of the bath can be sealed to provide additional insulation.



Oval Acrylic Bathtubs

The main advantage of such acrylic baths is their low weight, because in fact acrylic is one of the lightweight polymers. In addition, the material is different plasticity, which makes the shape of oval fonts ideal, without any rough edges.

The remaining benefits of acrylic baths include:

  • does not absorb pollution;
  • retains heat for a long time;
  • does not ring or vibrate;
  • different environmental cleanliness.

This model is considered to be the most popular, the benefit is that the modern industry allows you to make baths of different colors, and oval acrylic designs are increasingly being installed in city apartments.



Oval stone bath

This option is considered the most expensive, but also the most useful for a person. The natural texture of the stone allows you to take a relaxing bath, which makes relaxation and bath procedures complete.

Since acquiring a bath of solid rock is a rather difficult and expensive business, many now prefer oval baths made of artificial stone. According to its characteristics, such a font is not inferior to variations from natural raw materials. Perhaps in artificial turf there are no pores that are present on the natural web, but in some cases it is even for the better - the bath will not absorb pollution. In general, the artificial stone font has the same strength and performance characteristics: it keeps heat for a long time, is pleasant to the touch and has noise protection.




Design features

Thanks to its rounded edges and walls, the oval bath is most often installed on special legs. Connoisseurs of classic interiors order legs in the form of a lion's paws in a bronze or gilded color, modern lovers prefer simple chrome-plated holders.



Despite the popularity of placing the bathroom on the legs, you can still say that there are two options for placing an oval-shaped font:

  • built-in bath;
  • separate oval bath.

The built-in design is rightly considered an element of luxury plumbing, because, firstly, it requires a special redevelopment of the entire bathroom, which not everyone can afford, and secondly, it has a large range of additional functions in the form of special highlights and hydromassage. Built-in oval bath is usually made to order and installed in a special podium. The latest novelties of design ideas in this direction are an oval bath in the shape of an egg and a bath-boat.



A free-standing bath is located in the center of the bathroom or at a short distance from the wall. It can be connected to a floor mixer or a conventional system, protruding from the wall.



Fans of retro-interior design separate baths with bronze legs and bronze taps with carved switches. This allows you to fully experience the atmosphere of an old aristocratic house.