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3D doors - a fresh solution in the design of rooms (21 photos)


The use of 3D technology is firmly established in our lives. Fresh interior design solutions are interior doors that allow you to visually expand the room, transform even a dim room and perfectly fit into the design of the room. They can be created in various ways, and you can apply a 3D image on a structure made of various materials. Such designs possess a number of features and advantages.



Description and features

3d doors allow you to create indoors the feeling of a blooming meadow, green forest, azure sea or endless blue sky. At the same time using any drawings. Modern technology allows you to create an incredibly realistic effect of three-dimensional image. Installing a door with 3d coating allows you to create a fresh and unusual interior of any room. Apply a three-dimensional image can not only interior, but also on the entrance and sliding structures in a residential area, office or shopping center.

For the production of a modern, but at the same time quite simple technology of applying the image. The image is applied to the canvas, which is covered with a protective layer from burnout and damage. On the protective layer should not be scratches and dents. The image is printed on self-adhesive film.

Modern 3d doors are made in various ways. In addition, you can get a three-dimensional image on a variety of canvases.

3D effect using a photo

This 3d model of the door allows you to not limit your imagination. On the canvas can be depicted a flowering garden, gentle waves, a stormy waterfall or bright characters for the design of children's rooms. The three-dimensional image on the doors looks very realistic, therefore it is suitable for decoration of any premises in the house or office.




It is enough to choose an image and print it on a plotter, and then paste it onto the canvas. The photo is processed with a special compound that protects it from damage. The final step is to apply a special gel to impart a 3D effect. 3d doors made of PVC - an excellent low-cost solution for the design of any premises.



Veneer veneer lining

3d doors made of veneer are very popular. Veneered construction allows to avoid seams and joints. The 3d doors of eco-cover are also distinguished by the reliability and durability of the coating, and the ability to imitate even complex texture.

This veneer is used to imitate natural wood, creating grooves, grooves and cutouts. The canvas is not subject to fading and is resistant to mechanical damage.




3D glasses

Modern technology of double-sided etching makes it possible to obtain a three-dimensional image on glass. The use of this technology includes complex ornaments and contour drawings. 3d doors with glass are resistant to fading and fading. The technology is used to design swing, interior and sliding designs.




Advantages and disadvantages

3d doors - a unique invention that allows to get original and bright images on canvases of various types. Three-dimensional cloths have several advantages:

  • Resistance to fading. Drawing a three-dimensional image allows you to keep the original shades throughout the life of the product.
  • Luxurious appearance. Bright drawings and deep textures allow you to decorate any room in the house in an original way.
  • Color and texture stability.
  • Resistant to mechanical damage. The sheeting allows to achieve the increased resilience to mechanical damages.
  • Affordable cost. Designs with a three-dimensional effect look stylish and elegant and at the same time have an affordable price.
  • Ecological purity. In the production of environmentally friendly and safe for health materials.




Despite clear advantages, doors with a 3d effect have some disadvantages:

  • The complexity of the restoration. If serious mechanical damages were inflicted, it will be rather difficult to restore such canvases.
  • Low breathability. Due to the use of synthetic film, reduced freedom of movement of air.

Designs with a three-dimensional effect for a long time retain their original appearance, fit perfectly into the interior and give the design completeness and refinement.