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Interior doors of cherry: juicy classics (20 photos)


Thanks to the rapid development of design ideas today, you can find just an incredible amount of the most unique interior details, the construction market is torn from the abundance of materials and finishes, catalogs are full of unimaginable color and texture combinations, and this is not the limit.

However, adherents of classics and natural materials firmly hold the position of design solutions and are not going to take them. For example, cherry-colored doors loved by Victorian English still adorn the interiors of many citizens.



Cherry in the interior

Cherry wood today is used in the manufacture of furniture, doors, interesting interior items. Her juicy, slightly reddish texture looks great in the interiors of different styles, adding to them a touch of aristocracy.

Modern models of interior doors in cherry color are mainly represented by veneered versions. Few people can afford a natural solid door, but using cherry veneer has become a common practice. This door has a solid base of other wood species, but the cherry finish adds to it exquisite refinement.

Many consider the cherry door leaf to be too dark and prefer to dilute it with mirror fragments, therefore, in catalogs, models with metal and glass inserts are mainly presented.



The benefits of color and wood

Like any other piece of furniture, cherry wood doors have a number of advantages, which it is impossible not to mention:

  • Rich color palette. A variety of shades from light pink to dark cherry finds its admirers in any style. Cherry is considered to be one of the representatives of the flora, rich in its external data;
  • Availability. The tree is found on almost all continents and in all countries, its extraction is not prohibited and available. For this reason, cherry wood is reasonably priced;
  • Compatibility As mentioned earlier, the cherry has a rich color range, which allows it to be integrated into almost any interior style;
  • Ubiquity. Famous manufacturers of interior doors always have models of this wood in their line, which makes it applicable almost everywhere.

Few people know, but cherry wood reveals its color shades over time. This unusual feature of the breed allows you to enjoy the rich deep shades of dark cherry, sometimes even with gold streaks after the door is installed in the apartment.

Cherry doors in different styles

For the reason that cherry wood is recognized as an undying classic, one can say that it is going through all the changes inherent in times and is reflected in different styles.

Cherry doors in classic interiors

The favorite color of the aristocracy - dark cherry - is found in the interiors of different centuries. They were decorated with living rooms and ballrooms, libraries and work rooms. Today, the doors of cherry, like no other, look best in the interiors of baroque and rococo.



Thanks to its wide color range, cherry wood can be used in the manufacture of interior doors for any room.




Best of all, of course, these doors will look in large halls, bedrooms and offices. The deep noble, almost burgundy shade of a tree fills a room with tranquility and tells about the status of the owner. Durable wood protects against cold and noise. With proper care, she is able to serve her masters for many years.

For a child, this color may seem too heavy and oppressive, but do not immediately dismiss such an option. First, today there are many options where cherry wood is combined with inserts from another tree and colored glass. Such a door will not create a serious atmosphere in the children's room, but in essence it will still be cherry. Secondly, parents should look at the various shades of wood. Perhaps some of the bright performances will find their place in the children's rooms of little girls.




In the kitchen, the door leaf in the cherry color will only be appropriate if the space has impressive dimensions. In small kitchens, such a door will look ridiculous and pretentious. It will add aristocracy and style to big rooms. Especially well it will be combined with the kitchen set of burgundy shade or made of natural wood. You can diversify the effect of the color of dark cherry with the help of gold or bronze fittings. Everyone knows how golden glitter loves burgundy and red combinations. In this kind of cuisine, only delicious dishes worthy of the praise of famous chefs will be made.



You can also install such a door in the bathroom, but the same rule applies here as for the kitchen - in a small room it will look too bulky.




As you can see, there is no limit to the combinations of cherry wood in different shades and interiors. In this or that version, this juicy interesting texture is embodied. Take a closer look at it and, perhaps, a cherry door will also appear in your house.