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Garbage can: traditional and innovative waste collection solutions (20 photos)


Probably, every housewife has her own list of important items in the kitchen, without which a comfortable existence and cooking is unthinkable. Bin can be attributed to an integral part of a neat situation. After all, maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen is a guarantee of the health of family members and the creation of a cozy homely atmosphere. Trash cans also provide a comfortable life throughout the housing - ranging from bathrooms and ending with a strict cabinet. Due to the variety of products it is easy to choose a model for the kitchen (easy to clean and convenient to use), and for the desktop (a chrome / bronze container will become a stylish decorative element).

The design of traditional buckets is simple: a container of different size / shape and a handle, so the problem of choice is based on the following parameters: size, material, shape.

The size

The concept of "bucket" is associated with the old Russian measure of volume. One bucket leveled 100 enchantments, which amounted to 12 liters. Today, garbage containers are offered with volumes ranging from 1 liter to 60 liters. And it is unrealistic to single out the most requested size. As for jobs at home or in the office, a volume of 1-3 liters is suitable, and in kitchens, buckets of 10-15 liters are most often used.

Most importantly, manufacturers offer a variety of models of any parameters, so it is easy to choose a model of a suitable volume for any purpose.




For the production of buckets used various materials (wood, plastic, plastic, metal). Moreover, some models may not have a solid surface, and the lattice or mesh. Such buckets are most often purchased for offices, where the waste is mostly dry - paper.



Plastic buckets - the most popular and common. Advantages: almost all products are solid, which eliminates the likelihood of leakage.

Plastic has good durability, absolute insensitivity to moisture, low thermal conductivity. The bucket can be rinsed with hot water and it will not deform / melt. Care is the easiest - models in the toilet are easy to clean with cleaning agents (even with small additions of abrasives). The lack of products can be considered fragility, some plastic products are easily scratched.

Metal buckets (chrome, bronze) have a more aesthetic appearance. Advantages: such products can be left in a prominent place, as some models are definitely becoming interesting interior details. Metal garbage cans tolerate temperature fluctuations, are resistant to damage, are environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is sensitivity to moisture. Rusty stains on a bucket can not be regarded as a decorative element.



Product form

When choosing a suitable model form matters. Manufacturers offer rectangular, square, round or oval products. Models of complex shape are in demand, when one side is round and the other has right angles. Such a geometric variety is explained by the need to install buckets inside the pedestals, cabinets (on special brackets). Some models (double) are part of the harvesting carriage, and therefore are fully customized for a specific location. The traditional round shape is the most sought after. Since it is convenient to wash round buckets, they take up little space during storage (you can put one bucket into another). Square / rectangular buckets are the most ergonomic (these are popular hanging buckets, kitchen models for separate collection of garbage).



Naturally, when buying a bucket, it is also important to take into account family size, type of garbage (food / non-food waste).

The lineup

At first glance it seems that it is difficult to portray something original from a simple garbage can. In fact, manufacturers represent a wide variety of garbage collection containers (in shape, color, material). The most common shades are white, black. A garbage can in the kitchen can have several mounting options (suspended, built-in, swivel).


The basket is the simplest type of bin. It is used mainly for dry garbage (paper, cloth, thread). It happens plastic, metal (in the form of a grid). Advantages: low price, ease of use. Disadvantages - not suitable for food waste.



Bucket with lid

A bucket with a lid can be considered a classic garbage containers. The advantages are models of affordable price, many manufacturers, a large selection of sizes. The lid prevents odors from spreading, which is convenient when folding food waste. Products are available round and rectangular / square. The minus of the model, some housewives consider the lid, as it is necessary to bend each time and remove it to throw out the garbage (an exception is a garbage bin with a rocking lid).

Pedal bin

The pedal bin is more comfortable in everyday use, as there is no need to touch the container with your hands. This is especially valuable in the kitchen, while cooking. It is also convenient to put such a model in the toilet.

Advantages: durability, simplicity and ease of construction. The cover limits the spread of odors from the tank and prevents the loss of waste from the bucket. Most often, a bucket container with a pedal for trash is made of metal. Especially elegant look buckets with a dusting of their chrome, bronze. Disadvantages: sometimes the pedal mechanism can warp and then the lid is tilted to the side.



Touch trash bin

Touch garbage bin can be called a technical breakthrough "garbage equipment". An automatic device lifts the lid as soon as it brings the waste. A feature of some models is the independent determination of the volumes of garbage and the raising of the door to the required height.

The latest technical developments include models with door-curtains. If you throw a candy wrapper into the bucket, the device will “catch” the garbage by itself: the doors will open and close automatically.

Advantages: comfortable use of the urn, stylish appearance. Disadvantages: the need for regular replacement of batteries and constant maintenance of the sensor and the door in cleanliness.



Pros: containers for separate collection of garbage solve the problem of pre-sorting of waste (this simplifies their subsequent disposal), ease of use and maintenance (separate containers can be easily removed and washed).



Today, the trash bin has gained more value than just a container for collecting waste. This is a stylish piece of furniture, environmental protection (containers for separate garbage collection), and an unusual device. It is also important to place the item: a garbage can embedded in the worktop is a very relevant option for installing the container.