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Stone window sill: reliable nobility (23 photos)


Renovating the interior, homeowners are often forced to solve the problem with a windowsill. Standard plastic is not liked by everyone, but there are other options. Always look presentable sills made of stone.



Artificial stone

Most often cast stone is obtained from three components:

  • mineral filler;
  • dye;
  • resin.

When combined, they form a durable, thermally resistant material. The frozen monolith is thoroughly polished, after which the sills of artificial stone are practically indistinguishable from analogs of natural material.

The structure of the artificial analogue does not provide for pores and seams, therefore the appearance of microcracks, fungus, bacteria, the release of harmful substances is excluded. In addition, window sills made of artificial stone still have a lot of positive consumer qualities:

  • very strong, durable;
  • resistant to the sun, moisture, home "chemistry", other aggressive influences;
  • much easier natural;
  • able to heat and keep warm, making the room cozy;
  • almost unlimited palette of colors and shades is possible;
  • any surface defect (chips, cracks, scratches) can be easily eliminated with a special compound;
  • unpretentious in care, hygienic: the surface is completely cleaned of any dirt, does not absorb moisture, odors.

People with creative inquiries will appreciate the possibility of creating an uncured mass of a product of any shape and color, interspersed with shells, glass, mirror fragments, and stone chips.


Against the background of such advantages, artificial material has flaws. The main thing is heat intolerance. Heated objects will leave stains on the windowsill, which will be impossible to remove.


The market presents products from several types of artificial stone.


The most popular, consists of the same resin and fillers. Acrylic stone window sills can be of any shape and color, guaranteed to be unique in design.




Cheaper, problematic in processing, therefore window sills from an artificial stone of this look do exclusively rectangular. Resin, which is part of it, has a peculiar smell that does not disappear immediately.


The agglomerate is almost entirely composed of natural fillers: natural quartz and decorative additives. Quartz provides excellent performance: a quartz stone window sill is aesthetic, resistant to mechanical damage and chemical attack.

Sills of stone of natural origin are an expensive attribute, wealthy people who can afford it, or those who categorically do not accept any synthetics and strive to have everything natural at any price.


Natural stone is the best suited for the role of the sill, because it has all the necessary qualities for this:

  • increased durability, as a result, the term of operation is infinite in comparison with other materials;
  • immunity to moisture, ultraviolet, chemistry, abnormal temperatures and their differential;
  • easy care: any dirt can be cleaned;
  • the dye is also not terrible: it simply does not absorb, does not even leave a mark;
  • environmental cleanliness and safety.

Consumer properties are complemented by aesthetics: everything made of natural stone looks expensive and respectable. Such things in the interior immediately announce the high status of the owner.

Stone window sills are suitable for creative or scattered natures: nothing will happen to them if the owner accidentally puts a hot iron or coffee maker on them, but synthetics cannot stand it.




There are not so many significant flaws in natural material:

  • massiveness;
  • limited color range;
  • high price.

The latter circumstance can only be called a disadvantage conditionally: everything of quality is expensive. Pays for the cost of window sills made of natural stone, preserving their original flawless appearance over a period of operation of tens of years.

For the manufacture of window sills used several kinds of stone.


Durable, damage resistant substance. Everything made of it, including window sills, is durable, durable, able to serve for centuries. Granite window sills are impressive in appearance, of various shades and granularity. Such window sills made of natural stone have an exclusive pattern that never repeats.

However, choosing granite, it should be remembered that it accumulates radiation, so when you buy, be sure to familiarize yourself with the certificate.




The mysterious stone, a cross between limestone and marble, is recognized by its characteristic porous structure. For greater aesthetic appeal, the pores are filled with a special compound: a smooth beautiful surface is obtained. Gamma shades: white, yellowish, cream, light gray, comes across brown.


A semi-precious half transparent stone with a magical ability to pass light through itself. It can be used in the interior by installing any source of light under the stone window sills. Awesome effect guaranteed.

The disadvantages are the poor tolerance of mechanical effects and the exorbitant price.


The most environmentally friendly, not absorbing radiation and other hazardous substances. Favorite architects thanks to a rich palette of colors and shades.




Stone windowsills are made, as a rule, by individual order. The procedure is standard:

  1. design sketch (independently or with the help of a designer);
  2. call the measurer;
  3. drawing creation;
  4. selection of colors and textures;
  5. cutting out the window sill from a single sheet or gathering and gluing together separate fragments with a composition specially selected in color, the surplus of which is removed by a grinder.

The polished and polished array is ready for installation on the prepared site.

Installation of stone windowsill is carried out in two ways.

  1. Fixed transverse stiffeners on the structure. The remaining voids are filled with foam.
  2. The window sill is installed on a concrete screed. Additionally fastened with brackets.

Both methods require the involvement of a specialist, amateur is undesirable.

In the interior

Stone windowsills are harmoniously combined with wood, ceramics, glass, stained glass.

Equally successful as an independent piece of furniture or the addition of the overall situation with stone flooring, sink, tabletop.

The king of the interior is marble. Light delicate varieties will decorate the bathroom, a bedroom in a romantic style, complement the plastic cover of the windows. The colored stone will ennoble the study, living room, dining room, kitchen, wooden window frames.

In addition to the classic rectangle marble sill can be round or oval. It is not only beautiful, but also safe, especially if there are children in the house.

You need to be prepared for the fact that a chic marble window sill will radically change the interior. It may be necessary to "pull up" to the level of a noble stone.

It is better to buy material directly from the manufacturer. This will avoid surprises when installing, because the photo on the site is not able to adequately reproduce the quaintness of the color and texture of the stone.

In preparing to lay out a substantial amount for a product made of natural stone, in any case, require a confirming certificate: modern technology allows you to produce cheaper synthetic counterparts for stone, indistinguishable from expensive natural ones.