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Doors in the Art Nouveau style: modern elegance (22 photos)


The growing dynamism of life makes the interior more functional, free from unnecessary things. It is precisely in this concept that the doors of the Art Nouveau style organically fit in, because they combine extravagance with ease, they look simple but elegant.

Modern means modern

The style appeared at the turn of the nineteenth and past centuries, reaching the top on the eve of the First World War. He was the answer to the fatigue of society from the Baroque, Rococo, with their excess decor and glitter of gilding, from the motley eclecticism. Modern - synthetic style, which absorbed the best of the classics, the same Baroque, and others.



Its main feature is a combination of straight lines with smooth, curved. It imitates nature, its beauty, diversity, therefore patterns and flowers are frequent in the objects of this style, but the color gamut is still reserved.

The direction is constantly evolving, using the achievements of modern technology. This ensures its continued popularity for over a hundred years.

Despite the formal rejection of straight lines, the modern door shape remained rectangular, although there are models with an arched top. Wood binding for glass inserts also often has straight shapes. This is a tribute to classicism, and a more affordable price option.

Depending on the destination, in this style doors are made of solid wood, chipboard and others. The decoration can be nobly discreet or more playful. Execution of a cloth continuous deaf or in the form of a wooden frame with a lattice for glass inserts.

The paneled construction divides it into proportional parts of geometrically regular or fancy shapes. Fragments of glass inserts are transparent or dull, with an unusual color scheme. The glass itself makes the doors visually light. In this case, the canvas is always monochrome, that is, monochrome.



Compatibility with the interior

The advantage of the door in the modern style is that it organically complements almost any interior, it looks expensive, beautiful. The main thing is that the premises are not cluttered with furniture or other objects. The more air, free space, the better.

Elements of forging of dark tones with frivolous bends do not contradict style. They are used in decorating windows, stairs, fireplaces, headboards. Choosing a door, you need to take this into account. Selecting a door with glass inserts, it is desirable to take into account their harmony in color and pattern.

Most often interior doors are presented in neutral colors. However, if in a quiet interior there are bright accents, the door of the same color will organically complement them, reviving the general mood.




Color in the modern varied, but not loud or intrusive. The following colors are recognized as the most popular:

  • white;
  • wenge;
  • bleached oak;
  • bog oak;
  • Ivory;
  • splashes of champagne;
  • ecru.

The latter is ecru of French origin. Its range is warm, milky-brown, with a touch of unbleached flax (a mixture of yellow, gray, brown).



Stylish look veneered or laminated bichromic models. Especially spectacular black and white classics. Light walls, furniture, floor require dark doors. Or vice versa.

It happens that the owners want to see white doors in a room of dark tones. This is possible, but at least one of the same color interior detail is needed: a plinth, window frames, a window sill.



Bleached oak, also called arctic bleached oak, is becoming increasingly popular in this range. Its basic color is complemented by shades of tea rose, yellowish, the whole range from light to rich gray. Mainly used for laminate. Ideal with dark tones, especially dark chocolate and wenge.

Even in combination with glass or a mirror, the door of white oak in the Art Nouveau style does not seem heavy. On the contrary, softness, warmth and comfort of a home hearth is successfully played up. This diversity makes the door unlimited possibilities. However, this complicates the selection process: the tone of the door must be in harmony with the interior.

Doors in the interior

For each room in the house this style is able to offer the appropriate option. Ordinary interior doors modern makes it a work of art.


Provide privacy and customize the owner to work harmony solid canvas of dark color with a simple geometric pattern. Always look classically noble doors in modern style wenge. For the most demanding and financially secured from the array, but more affordable veneer is also not bad: not everyone can visually distinguish it from the boards.



Living room

Interior doors in Art Nouveau style for the main room of the house are made in accordance with the existing interior. The front door looks like wood tones in the color of the furniture and glass inserts over the entire area of ​​the double door leaf. They can be monochrome, tinted. Unobtrusive monochrome pattern is allowed.


The light combination is preferable: wooden framing with glass insert segments of the basic colors of the interior. Original and appropriate look will be drawing "plant-food" subjects.




The premises, conditionally considered to be traumatic, therefore, are recommended interior doors in the Art Nouveau style with a solid canvas. Since this is a children's room, it should be bright colors or bright. Glass is undesirable, but that the door does not look too heavy or fresh, there may be multi-colored inserts from it in the upper segment, where the child is not guaranteed to reach.


So that the dream was calm and nothing disturbed him, you should choose a single door with a solid canvas. Light tone with an unobtrusive smooth pattern is preferred. Luxury doors in veneer style in the color of bleached oak will look luxurious, a natural gamma of ecru will create a setting for peace.



Doors in the exterior

If interior doors perform mainly decorative functions, then the entrance has another serious task: the protection of the house, so the doors at the entrance to the house are endowed with increased strength and a presentable appearance. Entrance doors are made in several versions.

Of metal

The basis of the standard, consisting of a solid sheet. Metal doors in modern style distinguishes the external design. As a rule, it is an applied layer of milled MDF board more than a centimeter thick with a geometrically correct ascetic pattern. Aesthetically attractive makes it lamination with PVC film under a tree or another.



From the array

It is installed in a private house, the door of which overlooks the courtyard or on the personal plot. It is also chosen by wealthy people who do not recognize cheaper counterparts. For its production, wood is used of oak, pine, walnut, and other tree species, even exotic, with a distinct structure. This is not cheap, but it will last for many years, keeping the original look.