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Washbasin with pedestal - a worthy alternative to "moidodyru" (27 photos)


The characteristic features of the bathroom in a contemporary style are clear lines, simple shapes, a variety of color palettes and textures. That shell "tulip" with a pedestal fully meets these requirements.

Functional features of pedestals

The pedestal sink looks aesthetically pleasing, and the whole structure has a complete look. However, the functional purpose of pedestals is much broader than just decorating:

  • support - supports the sink;
  • concealer - hides water and sewer communications;
  • protective - closes the siphon, pipes from dust, water splashes.



Model range of pedestals: types, materials, forms and installation options

The range of plumbing on the shelves of hardware stores is simply impressive. It would seem that the uncomplicated structure cannot offer a variety of shapes and materials. However, in reality, a pedestal sink has many features in terms of compatibility and installation.

Types of pedestals

Monolithic (floor) - products in which the sink and pedestal are immediately fastened. The feature of mounting this set is that the pedestal is attached to the floor. The washbasin is installed on top, and several additional mounts are mounted on the structure. The advantage of pedestals: the structure can be installed not only against the wall; connecting the sewer even with the central placement of the washbasin is not a problem; non-standard appearance.



Console pedestals (chamomile, tulip) - the most popular models. Feature of installation: the wash basin "tulip" is mounted to a wall, and the pedestal hides an unattractive type of sewer communications, a siphon. Subdivided into two types:

  • column - closes from all sides of the communication and equipment located under the sink. Fixed to the floor, and between the wall and the structure remains a free gap. Disadvantages - some instability of the pedestal with a washbasin, the presence of a gap leads to the accumulation of dust and dirt;
  • the plate is fixed on the wall, which guarantees a reliable fixation of the structure, but this type of installation makes it difficult to maintain the siphon and communications if necessary.

The half-pedestal is a shortened pedestal, which is not supposed to place the design on the floor. Available only in the form of lining, fixed to the wall and in demand in families where there are small children. A special requirement for communications that must "go" into the wall, and at the appropriate level.



Description of materials

Artificial stone, glass, metal can be used to create creative design models. In some designs there are inserts of wood, plastic.



Faience and porcelain, ceramics - common materials for the manufacture of pedestals. Characterized by wear resistance and practicality. Ceramic plumbing does not need special care and tolerates temperature and humidity drops.



Shapes, color variety and dimensions of washbasins with pedestal

By traditional designs include triangular, round, oval, square washbasins. However, sometimes there are also non-standard specimens - polygonal or asymmetric. Similar products, as a rule, are made under the order.



Stands can have a diverse surface: flat, grooved, decorated with stucco or carving. Thanks to the decorative lining and engraving, the pedestal under the sink can acquire views of an antique vase or an antique column, a futuristic cylinder.

Most often set plumbing white. And this is fully justified - white color perfectly harmonizes with decorative walls and furniture of any shades, and it is easy to choose a bath or shower, but if necessary, you can choose sets of various shades.






Ways of mounting the structure:

  • near the wall - the most common option. Great for installing plumbing in both spacious rooms and in rooms of modest size;
  • corner use in bathrooms, where a similar installation of a sink with a pedestal helps to rationalize the rest of the plumbing, furniture, household appliances.

Most often, manufacturers produce ready-made sets of washbasin and pedestal. Such a proposal of plumbing, made in the same style, greatly simplifies the process of choosing a washbasin.




How to install a sink with a pedestal yourself?

Installation work does not require special skills. To install the equipment you will need equipment: building level, perforator, pencil, a set of keys, fasteners.

Installation steps

  1. We put a washstand with a pedestal to the place of the future permanent location. Using the level align the horizontal position of the shell and the vertical - pedestal. The bathroom floor should be flat and the pedestal sink should not swing. If alignment is required, it is advisable to use silicone gaskets. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that they are “hidden” under the pedestal.
  2. Pencil mark on the wall of the place of attachment of the sink through the holes located on the back side of the bottom. Also mark on the floor the place of installation of the pedestal.
  3. As a rule, standard sink sets have special fixings (dowels, screws, gaskets). On the marking made on the wall, holes are drilled and dowels are inserted.
  4. The sink is installed and accurately fixed with the help of sanitary screws. A uniform tightening of the bolts ensures that the shell fits to the wall.
  5. With the help of the level the correctness of the location of the sink is controlled. Small gaps between the wall and the sink should not be given great importance. After installation, it is better to fill them with sealant.
  6. With the help of flexible liner set mixer. At this stage it is advisable to check the tightness of the system. The sink sink is mounted and the siphon joins.
  7. A pedestal under the sink is carefully installed, taking into account the marking on the floor. Inside the pedestal place the siphon and pipes. The construction level is checked for the installation of the structure and is tightly fixed. Do not overtighten the mount, otherwise the sink may crack.
  8. If the pedestal under the sink is not suitable for sewage pins, it is not recommended to adjust the dimensions of the product (rasp). Such actions can destroy it, therefore, plumbing should be purchased taking into account the existing features of sewer communications.




What to look for when choosing a model?

When choosing a plumbing model, they take into account not only their own wishes and color preferences. To plumbing served for a long time and did not start to annoy after some time, follow the following rules:

  • the model should harmoniously fit into the interior of the bathroom and be nice to combine with other furnishings. Do not deny that in some cases it is more rational to install a washbasin with a cantilever cabinet or cabinet. It is considered absurd to install a pedestal in interiors such as Provence, Country;
  • a sink for a bathroom with a pedestal will ideally be installed in the room, if you make careful preliminary measurements, take into account the location of communications;
  • pedestal under the sink - a vulnerable structural element, so it is important to ensure the reliability of the material, the absence of cracks, chips, scratches;
  • washbasins with a pedestal - a great option for owners of apartments in which the bathroom is not furnished with a furniture set. Or if there are doubts about the reliability of the wall for mounting the mounted sink;
  • The depth of the different models of pedestals is different. This size is important to consider if you intend to hide a lot of communications;
  • if structural elements are purchased separately, then plumbing of suitable lines and outlines will be selected. For white washbasins of strict geometric forms, pedestals of simple even forms will do. Soft rounded bowls beautifully complement the stand with smooth, curved outlines. For a square-shaped sink, a stand is mounted with the frontal part of a cubic configuration.

Fortunately, repairing the bathroom is an irregular process. It is enough to be attentive to the choice of the washbasin, its installation and the cozy interior of the room will delight residents every day.