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Craft from coffee: fragrant accessory (21 photos)


Coffee beans are ideal for interior decoration. Crafts from this material are quite original and unusual. At the same time, the process itself does not cause difficulties and does not require the acquisition of a large number of additional devices. Even financially, such a passion will not require serious waste.



Coffee tree do it yourself

Decorative coffee bean tree will perfectly decorate both residential and office space. For the manufacture of such crafts from coffee will need the following materials:

  • PVA glue and a piece of foam;
  • gypsum and stick for the base of the trunk;
  • any ribbon or tape;
  • the coffee beans themselves;
  • small flower pot;
  • strong strings of brown shade.

The coffee beans are made quite simply. First, from a piece of foam it is necessary to form a ball of medium diameter, which is then wrapped with brown threads. Their ends are fixed with glue. In the resulting ball, you need to determine the place where the stick will be inserted for the foundation of the future tree. The threads in this place need a little push. After that, the entire ball is covered with grains, leaving the area for the trunk empty. When the first coffee layer is applied, you can proceed to the second layer. And here it is better to use superglue, and apply the grains with the convex part downwards.



By analogy, you can create different exposures of twine and grains of various shapes and themes.

Such coffee articles will not only look original in any room, but will also begin to exude an incredible aroma, thereby filling the room with a coffee smell.



Hovering cup

Another handicraft using coffee beans is a cup, as if floating in the air. Do this is also not difficult. From the materials you will need:

  • adhesive strong fixation;
  • small coffee cup and saucer;
  • coffee beans;
  • weight for modeling;
  • wire.

First you need to bend the wire into any shape, but so that it can later be hung on the cup, and the second end is attached with glue to the bottom of the saucer. Then the wire is covered with a sticky mass. It seems as if the effect of pouring milk is created, and when this composition dries out, it will look like foam plastic, which can be dyed brown. Then this mass will need to be pasted over with coffee beans, on top of which the cup is attached. Visually, the sensation should be created as if from a mug that is floating in the air, a hot drink is being poured. And such coffee articles are not ashamed to present as a gift to a close friend or relative. They will perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen, giving the whole room a touch of soulfulness.



Pictures of coffee

DIY hand-made coffee can look very impressive and stylish, especially when it comes to paintings made with the help of this tasty-smelling raw material. To make such an item of interior, you must follow several steps:

  1. A square of the size of the scale that one wants to have a picture is cut out of ordinary cardboard.
  2. The same size is necessary to cut a piece of fabric, but leave a little margin around the edges.
  3. The cardboard should be smeared with glue pencil and a piece of the prepared material should be firmly glued to it, while the remaining edges should be fixed on the reverse side.
  4. When the fabric dries, it can be a simple pencil to draw a preliminary sketch of the desired pattern. It can be a heart shape, various abstractions, and even geometric shapes.
  5. Then, using superglue on the sketch, coffee beans are laid out and glued with a convex side. It is better to start from the contours, gradually filling the very core.
  6. The final stage will be the framing of the picture, which also uses these grains.

The result is interesting interior items that can decorate the wall of the kitchen or living room.




Coffee crafts using wax

The cutest accessories are obtained when the coffee beans are combined with wax candles, which due to this decoration acquire a new life. And such coffee articles will be excellent presents for all your friends. For the manufacture of such accessories will need:

  • wick and required shape;
  • coffee beans and paraffin candles;
  • various small parts for decoration.

When all the necessary materials are prepared, you can proceed to the manufacturing process itself.



At first the candles are rubbed and then melted in a water bath. Coffee grains are added to melted paraffin. In the center of the pencil from one end the wick is fixed, and the pencil itself is laid out in a pre-prepared form. In this case, the free end of the wick goes down. After the form is filled with paraffin with a coffee aroma. As a fixing layer, you can melt another candle and pour the form with its mass. When the mixture is dry, the candle gets out of the mold and is decorated on their own. And such an article will be appropriate for any holiday. Or it can just be a table decoration during a Sunday family dinner.

A photo frame decorated with coffee grains can become quite light and elementary. To do this, put a newspaper or paper on which the photo frame is placed on the surface of the table.



If it is white, then it can be painted in some golden or silver color. And when the paint is dry, you need to cover the photo frame with glue and start spreading coffee beans on it. This can be done in a chaotic manner, and you can lay out some symmetrical pattern of them. And on top of these grains can also be coated with spray paint or glitter. Very often with this decoration is used twine, with which you can create a mill or hut. This photo frame will appeal to anyone. But, the main thing is that if you present it as a gift, the recipient will definitely appreciate such a gesture. After all, only he will have such an exclusive thing, while it will be made by the hands of a dear person and with a soul.




Craft from coffee is something that can be done independently at home, without putting any effort into it and without spending a lot of financial resources on it. The only thing that needs to be taken into account when furnishing your interior is with such home-made designer things that such products cannot be washed, and dust also accumulates on them, so each coffee product is best covered with a moisture-resistant varnish. And then you can safely give this unique piece of work to friends and acquaintances who can also decorate their dwellings with unusual and fragrant accessories.