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White curtains for your apartment: add lightness to the interior (28 photos)


Beautiful and tasteful curtains will add charm to any interior, but what will the white curtains look like?

White color is associated with many in hospital sterility, but, on the other hand, it has always been the personification of lightness, purity and freshness. In ordinary apartments, most of the premises are small, and in the northern areas they often lack light. Let's try to add the missing volume and light with the help of white curtains, and for this we will listen to the advice of an experienced designer.



White curtains in the house

A small room white curtains give airiness and volume. If the room has low ceilings, the curtains should start as high as possible. The cornice in this case is also desirable to choose white.

If the windows face the north side, hang translucent white organza curtains. They will let the light into the room, but they will hide from unnecessary glances. In hot climates, white curtains will also always be appropriate, as they create a feeling of coolness and freshness. To reflect the sun's rays to them, it is desirable to add blinds.



White curtains for the living room

White curtains in the living room will always be relevant. So that they approach the interior perfectly, you can play with a cloth or a view of curtains. So, for example, classic, white, satin curtains will give the room solemnity and chic. White linen curtains will be appropriate for the interior in the Scandinavian style or Provence style. To decorate a room in an ethnic style, it is better to use natural shades of white: beige, cream, milky, and a fabric that is deliberately coarse with knots and non-props. These colors go well with the dark shades of terracotta, chocolate, and cinnamon. Contrast color can be used for lambrequins, pickups or any other element of the room design: decorative pillows, picture frames, vases, rugs.



White curtains in the bedroom interior

White color, associating with the alpine silence and freshness, will always be a great solution when choosing the color of the curtains in the bedroom. It will allow you to completely relax and turn off from the daily rush. If the room is small, white air folds can decorate the entire wall. This will add the missing volume.

For the design of a bedroom in a trendy minimalist style, Roman curtains made of thick white fabric are perfect; a stripe or ornament in harmony with the interior on a white background would be appropriate.




Kitchen in white

Kitchen in a pure white version will always look boring and cold. In order for the kitchen to charge you with cheerfulness and good mood in the morning, add another pure and bright color to white, for example, red. Kitchen curtains in a red and white cell or strip will surely lift your spirits even on a gloomy autumn morning.

White children

For the design of the children's room, it is advisable to hang double curtains. White curtains will leave the room bright, adjusting the flow of sunlight, and the latter shade while the child is sleeping. For the second option, you can choose curtains with bright patterns, scenes from fairy tales and cartoons.






Ideas for interior design with white curtains

The design of the room in black and white colors belongs to the classical style and originates in folk styles. Monochrome design is able to ennoble any nondescript room and leave a feeling of simplicity and tranquility inherent in ethnic styles.

Making an apartment in the Scandinavian style, set off snow-white, like mountain snow, curtain trim elements from dark, almost black stained wood.



White as a sail, curtains for a room in the Mediterranean style will suit the best. Pick up coarse flax or thin linen for them and hang it on a golden barbell. Successfully complement the interior with striped pillows and decor on the marine theme.

White curtains will look no less impressive in a room decorated in a minimalist style. This style came to us from Japan. Curtains in this case, it is better to pick up the Roman or rolled cotton. As a second color, you can choose natural shades of light wood, imitating the color of woven mats.



For registration of a country house or cottage, many use the Russian folk style. An indispensable attribute of this style is white curtains on the windows, decorated with cross-stitch embroidery or richelieu. For tall windows, choose an option in the cafe style: the lower tier of the curtains is mounted on a small eaves directly on the window sash, and the top one is under the ceiling.

It is believed that the white color is impractical, but it does not concern curtains at all. After all, the white fabric can be bleached without fear that it will shed. The fact that the slightest dirt is visible on a white background is also a big plus, because the curtains can be washed without waiting for the dirt to sink into the fabric. The main thing is to choose a high-quality fabric that can withstand a large number of washes without deformation and loss of color. Modern washing machines and detergents will minimize the care of curtains.

In the thoughtful design of the room, white curtains will help emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages of the room:

  • visually increase the height of the ceilings with the help of bright vertical folds in the entire height of the wall;
  • add comfort and light to a dark room;
  • do not heat the already hot room, as the white color reflects the sun's rays;
  • create a sense of celebration even indoors with a very modest atmosphere.

Also, with the help of modern acrylic paints for textiles, you can create an exclusive thing for decorating a window opening with your own hands, using white curtains as a universal canvas.




Variants of successful use of white curtains in the interior of any style are many, because it is white that gives a feeling of purity, morning freshness and celebration. With taste, the selected bright curtains in your house will invariably be charged with good mood and cheerfulness.