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White carpet: beauty without sacrifice (23 photos)


Considering foreign glossy magazines, we always admired the bright interiors. For everyday life, they seemed unsuitable - too impractical, but times change. Today, white walls, furniture are present in ordinary houses and apartments, and carpets, despite all the vicissitudes, triumphantly return to their homes. What is attractive white carpet, which is worth considering when choosing, consider below.



White carpet

The white carpet visually increases the space, adds air and light, therefore it is indispensable in small rooms (and there are most of them in our apartments).

Many people consider the increased white color of the white coating to be an insurmountable obstacle to its purchase. Especially if the apartment has small children or pets. But today it is no longer a problem: the market offers effective means, stain removers, cleaners, with the help of which it is easy for a carpet to return a beautiful initial look. Optimism is added by the fact that many modern white coatings are treated with dirt-repellent compounds and anti-moth agent.



If you often do not want to clean the carpets with pile, you can purchase a lint-free model. Her care is not so tiring.



Pile matters

White carpet can be laid or hung on the wall in any room of the apartment. In this case, it is necessary to proceed from the material of the coating, the length of the pile, the purpose of the room.

For creating zones of rest and relaxation, a white carpet with a long nap is suitable. He attracts to himself, as if inviting him to sit down or lie down in front of the TV, a music center. After a hard day's work, this is exactly what you need.



Such a fluffy soft white carpet is laid in the bedroom, private room or a separate living area.

Lint-free models are better to decorate frequently visited places with increased contamination. It is desirable that they were made of synthetic or mixed fibers. Such products wear less or wear out, it is easier to care for them. In addition, they do not collect dust, are practically not deformed from the furniture legs.



The decoration of each room

The type and fleecy of the coating for the floor or walls of a particular room determine its design, function, purpose, size.

Living room

White carpet in the living room should be laid in any case: even the most chic setting seems too official or incomplete without it. Here guests are welcomed, celebrations are celebrated, so a large, fluffy or oval-shaped carpet of an oval shape or a classic rectangular with rounded corners is required. On it expose dining furniture. If the table is round, then a large fluffy cover for the floor of the same form under it and chairs will make a royal meal.


Floor covering for this room is always necessary. Touching a soft, high pile with bare feet immediately after waking up gives a feeling of happiness all day long.

The design of the premises determines the place for the carpet on the floor or wall. The choice of floor or wall covering is made taking into account the interior and objects that fill the room. Two options are possible: it must either complement the general background, or contrast with it.

White carpets in the interior - a versatile solution for different styles and colors. It looks especially good on a background of dark or bright juicy shades. He is able to make any style chic: to elevate the brightness of Art Deco, to soften the brilliance of the metal and the geometry of Hi-tech, to give perfection to the Scandinavian, to enrich minimalism, and the combination of white with gold glitter and pomp of Baroque.

The design involves the use of white carpet for zoning large spaces or accentuating individual areas. It is laid, as a rule, in recreation areas with a seating area or other furniture. If it is big enough, they have a sofa on it. Smaller furniture - chairs, tables - is placed next to the carpet, but in such a way that the legs of people sitting touch it.



The form

The market offers today options of any configuration. Focusing on the choice is on the size, style of the room and personal preferences.


This traditional form is preferred by choosing a carpet on the wall. With rounded corners, it is still popular in classic-style flooring. Its advantage is that it fits in equally well with any room dimensions.


Suitable for more spacious spaces, from the hall to the kitchen. In the living room, a white round carpet is laid under a round table or in a certain area. In the nursery it will resemble a soccer ball (black and white combination). In any case, the round carpet looks unusual. Low- or lint-free coating can even modern monochrome lofts or high-tech interiors.

White is combined with any shade, but the combination of black and white is considered the favorite. This is a time-tested classic and modern fashion trend. Antagonistic colors create refined simplicity, even asceticism. The black and white carpet is organic in a monochrome (that is, monochrome) interior, diluted with a bright fragment.