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Metal bed - complete rest in any interior (23 photos)


Interior items made of metal were highly valued in the old days and did not lose their popularity and demand today. Excellent combination of hardness and reliability with grace - the main reasons for the attractiveness of metal furniture and especially beds.



The strength and durability of products is determined by the characteristics of the material, the characteristics of care, their advantages and disadvantages.

Modern metal beds are made in two ways. Stamping is a conveyor process for the production of parts. Forging - complex phased work with metal (at high temperatures), requiring professional skills and individual skills.



Factory bed models

The main material for the manufacture of furniture is iron. Sometimes brass is used - an alloy of copper with zinc. Iron hollow tubes or steel profiles (1.5–2 mm thick) are the main materials used in the manufacture of factory beds, so the bed with a metal frame is relatively light. Such structures can withstand a weight of up to 200 kg (this is an average of two people). Excess loads can cause parts to bend or furniture to break.



Forged models

These beds are made mainly by hand. Since the metal is processed at high temperatures, it is able to withstand heavy loads. The process of making forged beds is exclusively manual labor using special tools and fixtures. The works manifest the style / handwriting of the master and each piece is unique.

The cost of beds is determined not only by the production method. The price is influenced by the choice of material used for the manufacture of models: copper, cast iron, iron, aluminum.

For the exterior of the product using powder coating technology. Thanks to the unlimited colors you can choose a shade for any interior.



Types of metal beds

Conventionally, there are several parameters that can help determine the choice of a suitable bed model.

According to the owner

Beds are available for children and adults. With adult beds, everything is clear (standard length is 200 cm), but children's models still have an age division: a crib (with the possibility of swing), for children from six months, for preschoolers / schoolchildren (up to 160 cm in length), teenage (less than 190 cm).

By the number of places to sleep

The type of bed is determined by the width of the model: a metal single bed (80-100 cm), double models. From Soviet times, the term "lorries" remained - models with a width of 140-150 cm. However, the definition is now more common - compact double beds.

As a rule, the model step of a double bed is 20 cm (140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm). It is necessary to treat the choice of a product responsibly, as it is still necessary to select a mattress.




Variety of forms, designs

The most traditional and common form remains a rectangular model. Advantages of such beds: it is easy to choose furniture for any interior, a lot of manufacturers, different cost (handicrafts of a complex pattern are expensively appreciated).

Oval and round furniture look outside the box. Appreciate the beauty of the design and usability better in large rooms.

Special options - beds with canopies or racks for the installation of the canopy-alcove.

Bunk metal models can be stationary or mobile and are installed in children's rooms.

This element of construction can be high, low, solid or openwork. A double bed with a metal headboard can have one solid back or two independent parts.

Stationary headboards are one piece with the bed. Curtain elements are mounted on the wall above the bed and are more important as a decorative element.



Metal bed in the interior

In order for the bed to look organically in the interior, it is advisable to think out in advance the style of the room, present the model in the room, its combination with the decor and wall decoration.

The harmony of the metal in the bedroom

Metal beds - self-sufficient interior items. However, to create a complete environment, it is desirable to use additional forged elements or some design techniques:

  • The forged chest will perfectly cope with the duties of a familiar dresser, which is especially important for Eastern, Arabian interiors;
  • a padded stool with a metal decor perfectly complements the decor of the bedroom in a classic style;
  • lamps with wrought iron bases mounted on bedside tables or wall mounted will create an interesting "ensemble" with beds;
  • non-standard solution - repetition of forging patterns in interior items, for example, on mirror doors of the built-in wardrobe;
  • Forged frames for mirrors, candlesticks, hangers will emphasize the mood of the room.



Forging in the setting

It is just to touch the metal is cold. Thanks to skilled craftsmen and creative designers, special and unique room interiors are created using forged products. Metal beds fit in different styles.

Most organically forging emphasizes Provence style. Ease the romantic interior will give a bed with a headboard with smooth lines of the picture. Also traditional and popular is the combination of forging and stylistics of vintage or country design.