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Hourglass curtains: smooth flowing lines (21 photos)


This canvas, fixed at the top and bottom, intercepted in the center by a tape or other decorative device that covers the window opening. In the title itself, there is a hidden appearance of the curtain - their silhouette resembles an hourglass, as well as a seductive female figure.




Traditionally, for the "hourglass" lightweight light-colored fabric is used: white, olive, beige, pink, turquoise, light gray, caramel, peach, etc. should play a curtain in the room: to be the main accent or to balance the catchy interior of the room. It is desirable that the shade curtain echoed the upholstery of furniture. You can also focus on the rest of the textiles in the room: tablecloth, napkins, pillows.



For hourglass curtains, designers recommend the following print:

  • Scottish cell;
  • vertical or longitudinal stripes;
  • flower ornament;
  • thematic drawing.

An exquisite pattern will give your home an elegant look.

The fabric is assembled and draped with the help of special decorative devices:

  • curtain pin;
  • textile flowers and bows;
  • tough bando;
  • twisted laces;
  • scallop;
  • braid;
  • bows;
  • tapes;
  • bugle.

You can change accessories depending on your mood. If you remove the "belt" of the curtains, you get a solid screen that covers the entire opening and making the space darkened. Thus, the hourglass curtains, sewn from high-quality fabric with original decor, will allow to emphasize the planned interior of the dwelling.




Today on sale there is the widest range of this textile product. Models differ in shape, size, material, color, print, decor. These curtains have the following advantages:

  • beautiful view. Aesthetic design decorates the window, making the room exquisite;
  • versatility. Curtains are perfect for any room;
  • functionality. This model takes up little space;
  • ease of operation. The cloth is either tied up or unraveled.

A significant advantage is the durability of the curtains. It practically does not wear out, because it does not need to be constantly pulled.




Hourglass curtains are widely used for decorating windows, glass doorways, kitchen cabinets, etc. Blinds are also suitable for the decoration of double-glazed windows, which consist of several openings. Decorated in such a way the room will look modern and original.



Multiple options for these curtains allow you to use them in almost any residential location:

  • Hall;
  • kitchen;
  • living room;
  • children’s
  • bedroom;
  • bathroom;
  • balcony;
  • loggia;
  • attic;
  • terrace;
  • winter Garden.

This model of curtains is filled with warmth and simplicity, so it fits perfectly into any style direction. Depending on the canvas chosen, they can be conservative, aristocratic, chic. For example, the style of Provence fit products with a floral pattern, rural ornament, as well as canvas in a cage. Longitudinal stripes give a classic living room a respectable look. Abstraction will look spectacular in modern design.



How to make an hourglass with your own hands?

Modern textile market allows you to choose curtains for every taste. Nevertheless, it is possible to sew this model of curtains with your own hands.

In order to accurately select the size of the canvas, it is necessary to measure the window or doorway for which it is intended.



Width calculation

It should very accurately measure the distance from one top point to another. It is multiplied by a factor of 2 or 1.5 (depending on the planned curtains pomp). Bend the raw side edges of the fabric on the wrong side 2 times in 1 cm. Iron and stitch the bends. If the industrial edge of the canvas is properly processed, then there is no need to bend the panel.

Length calculation

A distance of 20 cm is added to the distance from the eaves to the lowest point of the opening (for processing cuts and forming the center of the web). If the material is stretched weakly, then the value of the stock should be maximum. Bend the top of the fabric inside out twice 1.5 cm, ironed and stitched. Do the same with the bottom of the cloth. So formed two drawers for the rod.