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Fairy Topiary: nuances of compositions and rules for creating (25 photos)


Topiary art was distinguished as a landscape design direction in ancient Rome, because the Romans were famous for their well-kept gardens. Decorative areas (topia) were created from small trees that had cut-off crowns of geometric shapes or in the form of some figures. The figured mowing of tree crowns was done by a special slave - topiary.



Today, the topiary of flowers in the home interior is an exquisite composition in the form of a tree with a neat geometric crown.

Creating an ornamental tree is a creative process. The original topiary is the fruit of sudden insight. Most often there are ideas on a combination of familiar and new materials (candy topiary, money topiary).



Topiary in the interior can maintain the style of the room or be a non-standard design element. It is possible to consider conditional division of decorative compositions according to the themes:

  • seasons: a New Year's topiary made from cones will decorate a festive table, and a topiary made of fresh flowers will refresh the dining area in the apartment in the summertime;
  • holiday compositions: organza topiary will be a delicate gift for March 8, and candy topiary will definitely please the sweet teeth. Money Topiary will appeal not only to business representatives;
  • the topiary from cones will be an excellent gift on New Year's holidays, a wedding topiary will decorate the festive table and the apartment of the newlyweds;
  • Topiary made of artificial flowers will look organically in any interior. For example, you can make topiary "Sakura", which will emphasize the comfort of the bedroom. Topiary from organza will set off the tenderness of Provence, and topiary made of fabric perfectly decorates the kitchen in a country style;
  • Trees with natural decor will always delight with their naturalness: a seashell topiary will remind you of a wonderful vacation at sea.

Beautiful topias are not replicas of trees. The handmade product is a figment of the imagination of a needlewoman. And a candy topiary or money topiary confirms this. There are no strict requirements for the use of materials.



CZK Types

The basis for topiary is most often round. Depending on your mood and purpose, you can choose other forms: cone-shaped, in the form of a heart or a number. Ready-made crowns are sold in handicraft stores. If conditions allow, then it is easy to do it yourself:

  • The most suitable material for the crown - foam from the packaging for equipment. Its advantages: ease, ease of decoration;
  • interesting solution - polyurethane foam. It is squeezed into a tight plastic bag. Give to harden and give the desired shape. The main advantage of this method is that it is easy to make a large crown.

The decorative layer is made by both natural and artificial materials.

When choosing a decoration, the interior, the purpose of the room are taken into account: a candy topiary and a fruit topiary will accentuate the mood of the kitchen-dining room, and a ribbon topiary will support the calm atmosphere of the bedroom. Sea topiary looks elegant in the bathroom and on the desktop.

The design of the crown determines the technology of fastening the elements: a topiary made of beads and a topiary made of satin ribbons or from paper parts can be fixed with pins. Topiary made of cones, shells, foamiran or beads is fixed with a glue gun. Sweet topiary is easy to do using toothpicks.



Natural and artificial materials for the trunk

Naturally, if a tree, even an ornamental one, has a tree trunk. For these purposes, use sticks, twigs. However, the creative has not been canceled, so strong wire is a great idea for the barrel. Any decor can be chosen: winding with sisal, fancy edging or ribbons, painting with acrylic paint. An additional advantage of the wire is the possibility of giving the trunk a non-standard shape.



Pot options

Under the base used capacity of any material (plastic, glass, wood, metal), size and shape. Excellent options - cups, pots. The decor options are endless: beads, beads, shells, piping, ribbons, toys.

Depending on the size of the product, it is placed on the floor, on the table or on the bookshelf. A tree of any size should look balanced.



How to choose the parameters of the elements

Optimal proportions of topiary - when the height of each element (pots, stem and crown) is one third of the total height. It is desirable that the crown was slightly wider pot.

Acceptable if the trunk slightly exceeds one third of the total height of the tree. The exception is when the topiary of sisal has an elongated conical crown, and the trunk is short. For a harmonious look, the thickness of the trunk matters, a thin one may not bear the weight of the crown, and a thick one will give the product a rough look.

To create a composition you need a base, cloth, a gun with liquid glue, coffee beans, liquid glue.

Prepare the base for the crown: carefully wrap the ball with a cloth tape. On top of the material is randomly wound thread, fasten the fabric. These preliminary works will help to lay the grain evenly and tightly. Scissors in the crown gently make a hole (2-3 cm deep) for the trunk.



Glue is applied to the area of ​​the ball and the coffee is carefully poured. The seeds are pressed down and distributed so that a single layer of decor is obtained. Aged for several minutes to dry the coffee area.

Also made the entire surface of the base.

The tree trunk is painted with brown acrylic paint (if the wire is wrapped with sisal).



After the decor dries, the crown is put on the trunk (the top of the trunk is covered with glue from a hot pistol).

The surface of alabaster in a pot is smeared with white glue and covered with coffee beans. The crown is covered with a bronze acrylic paint and the coffee bean layer becomes saturated with color.

A bow is formed from the nylon tape and glued to the base of the crown.



How to create a flower tree?

To make a topiary of corrugated paper do it yourself: base, paper flowers of different shades, green corrugated paper, a gun with liquid glue, satin ribbon, beads.

Barrel neatly wrapped with satin ribbon. In the base is made a hole of a suitable size. The edge of the trunk covered with glue and inserted into the ball.

The flowers are glued with a hot pistol. Should start from the place of attachment of the trunk. Wedding topiary can be decorated with flowers from organza, satin ribbons.

The gaps between the flowers are covered with leaves of green corrugated paper.