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Soffits for the roof: a new word in the finish (20 photos)


Works on the construction of the roof involve not only installing rafters, mounting drains, as well as laying roof cover. It is very important to correctly perform such a construction technological operation as filing the eaves of the roof in order to:

  • give a finished look to the house;
  • provide ventilation of the roof space;
  • prevent cold wind from blowing air from the attic;
  • increase the energy efficiency of the building;
  • camouflage cables, ventilation and other communications (if any) mounted under the roof.



Protection of the attic space from the penetration of cold air from below can be carried out by a variety of materials, for example, siding, clapboard. But the most suitable option is considered the filing of the roof with a soffit, which today is most often used to trim downward planes:

  • peaks;
  • eaves;
  • gables.

The name of this modern material received from the Italian word "soffito", which translated into Russian means "ceiling".



Installation of spotlights on the eaves of the roof has become an innovative technology relatively recently. However, the popularity of this building material is constantly growing. In the market, the consumer is offered mainly four types of these panels for finishing the eaves:

  • PVC (so often called vinyl spotlights);
  • steel, usually called professional metal builders;
  • aluminum;
  • copper.

The advantages of this material:

  • characterized by flexibility;
  • easy to cut;
  • resists rotting;
  • does not corrode;
  • does not collapse when exposed to ultraviolet radiation;
  • it maintains color intensity for a long time;
  • maintains temperature drops from -50 ° C to +50 ° C;
  • service life exceeds 30 years;
  • simplicity of leaving: it is enough to clean its surface sometimes from dust.

The standard dimensions of vinyl panels: length - 300 cm, 305 cm and 306.6 centimeters, the width most often occurs 25.8 cm and 30.5 cm, but it can be different. This product is usually sold in packages containing 16-22 pieces of panels.



The following types of vinyl models are available:

  • Solid non-perforated spotlights. They are usually sewn up the gable overhangs, ceilings of open verandas, arbors mainly with a decorative purpose.
  • Partially perforated spotlights. These panels have a perforation that runs through the center to ventilate the roof of the roof and prevent the development of mold.
  • Spotlights completely perforated. Mainly protruding parts of the roof are hemmed with them: overhangs, skates, canopies, etc. This kind of spotlights is also often used to decorate a porch, a gazebo or a veranda. These spotlights provide free air circulation.

In addition, depending on how much one element has trapezoidal climbs, plastic panels are called either two-lane or three-lane.

When they talk about soffits of this type, then, in fact, they mean panels made of high-quality galvanized coiled steel. Their face usually has a polyester, plastisol or pural polymeric coating. But there are metal soffits, protected from corrosion by powder coating. Such technology improves the quality of this building material and increases its service life, but such products cost a little more.



Types of metal spotlights

There are four modifications of such a building material:

  1. Soffits with a smooth profile without perforation. Their use is advisable when sewing gable overhangs.
  2. Soffits, partially perforated in the center. They can be installed in cases where the removal of excess moisture and ventilation of the space under the roof is required.
  3. Spotlights with perforations along the entire plane of the panel. They are used to finish the protruding elements of the roof: skates, overhangs, visors, etc. They are also used in the construction of porches or gazebos, or porch.
  4. Soffits that have stiffeners. Profiles with stiffeners or a grooved surface are particularly durable.

Metal soffit width can be 13.5 cm., 35.2 cm. And more. They can be made to order. The length of such spotlights can reach six meters.

Such metal panels are available on the market in a wide assortment both in size and color, including they can be designed for wood of various colors, stone or brick.

Aluminum soffits

Such products are made using durable material, the surface of which is covered with a protective primer layer. The use of such technology gives aluminum soffits a number of useful properties:

  • they perfectly protect the roof from condensation;
  • do not corrode and are affected by fungi and mold;
  • have a long service life, sometimes exceeding the operating time of even the roof;
  • their use is economically advantageous, since no periodic restoration of the roof edges is required;
  • aluminum soffits do not lose their properties due to sudden changes in air temperature;
  • they retain their characteristics under long-term exposure to both ultraviolet radiation and sea air.



Copper soffits

Copper soffits give the roof a luxurious look, especially if it is also covered with copper. The fact is that if in the roof with a copper coating to install any elements of a different material, then there is not only a violation of the integrity of the type of roof, but chemical reactions can occur between different types of parts. Therefore, only copper soffits are the best choice for a copper-clad roof.

The procedure for installing a vinyl soffit is not very complicated, but it must be borne in mind that the choice of its type must also be made taking into account the overall appearance of the building. Having sewed the roof eaves with a soffit, any homeowner can do it himself, but it is important to make all the necessary calculations in advance and accurately determine the number of panels and additional elements needed. Otherwise, if you have to buy the missing, there is a danger of acquiring materials from another party, which may have differences in color from the parts already purchased.