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Studio apartment - an apartment not only for creative people (53 photos)


In our time, when the country's population is growing rapidly, there is an acute shortage of housing. Everybody needs housing: from young students to retirees. Demand creates supply, and in Russia a new direction has emerged in the construction of low-cost budget and, therefore, quite affordable housing - studio apartments.




What are studio apartments and for whom they are intended?

The first to think about the economic version of the home the Japanese. The housing was intended for people who worked far from home and could not spend their valuable time moving every day. The idea of ​​mini-flats from Japan, thanks to the designers, moved to America, and from there to Russia.









How to plan an interior studio apartment?

Before we consider the options for the layout of a studio apartment, it should be noted that the design and layout of the interior of a “studio” of a large square does not differ much from the interior of a small-sized studio apartment. It is also worth saying that the majority of studio apartments have an average total area of ​​20-30 sq / m, but there are small flats of 15 sq / m and 18 sq / m. Studio apartment can be one- and two-level, and therefore when planning it is necessary to take into account both the area and the number of apartment levels.






So, consider two options for planning and design: studio apartments of 30 sq / m and studio apartments of 18 sq / m. And the first thing to do is competently make a planning plan. You can plan a room so that only the bath and toilet area will be isolated, and the rest of the space will be zoned under the kitchen, relaxation area and bedroom. If the area of ​​the studio apartment is too small, then the bedroom area and the recreation area can be combined.




The interior of the studio apartment of 18 sq / m and less requires not only to pay attention to its planning, but also to the design. The interior of a small studio apartment requires a special creative approach, and therefore with the design of such a "baby" you need to take into account some of the nuances.

  • The room should be functional: well ventilated, be bright and warm. Lighting, sound insulation and controlled heating systems need to be carefully thought out and planned.
  • The style of all items should be one. The style in a small room is designed not to suppress, but to expand the space, so it is best to choose a modern studio interior.
  • The color in the interior of a small studio apartment plays an important role in the visual expansion of the space, and therefore the most important thing is to choose the right color scheme not only for the design of the walls, but also for the furniture.
  • The furniture should be light, modular and not overload the space.
  • Since for small sizes a studio apartment is most often planned as a combined kitchen and living room, it is necessary to consider a system for extracting odors and steam.
  • Partitions in such a small room are undesirable; it is enough to separate one zone from another, either when creating special visual effects (decorating zones in different colors), or to use transparent glass or mirror partitions.
  • A small studio apartment with high ceilings will look stylish and very comfortable if the sleeper is equipped at the top level, while freeing up the area for the kitchen and living area.
  • When choosing the decor, it is necessary to remember that bright objects should be in the same color scheme with the whole apartment interior. For example, the light gray color of the Scandinavian style can be diluted with light beige furniture, a colored rug on the floor, and bright ball lights.

In a small studio apartment with a square shape, to separate the hallway and kitchen, you can use such a technique as a wardrobe, which not only performs the function of a partition, but also the function of storage-placement of clothes and other necessary things. Properly designed interior of such a tiny apartment will be comfortable and attractive accommodation.






Registration of a studio apartment of 30 sq / m

The interior design of a studio apartment of 25-30 sq / m is not much different from the interior design of a one-room apartment. The only difference is that such small spaces are studios with one window, which significantly affects the lighting of the apartment. This problem can be solved with the help of some design tricks.

Artificial lighting plays a big role in studio apartments. It is necessary to distribute the lamps in such a way that each zone can be illuminated separately. This will not only save electricity, but will also be an excellent design decision, because the lamps in each zone can be arranged in the most favorable way. For example, it is not necessary to light up the work area of ​​the desktop with a highlight; it is enough just to put a desk lamp.

The color of the interior depends largely on the style. And the most correct decision will be to issue a studio apartment of 25-30kv / m in a modern style. The most frequently used designers in the design of such apartments are the Scandinavian style, loft style, minimalism and industrial style. All these styles imply neutral, helping to visually increase the space of colors and straight lines, a minimum of things and decor, modular and laconic furniture. You can use other styles: for example, Provence in the interior of a studio apartment is perfect for a single woman, and a classic style for a single man.








In studio apartments with a square of 25-30 sq / m, you can use furniture as a selection of different zones. For example, the living area can be designated a large sofa and armchairs, thus separating the seating area from the kitchen. When designing the kitchen and for separating it from the living room area, you can use such a design technique as a bar counter.









When designing studio apartments, designers often offer original solutions in studio design and zoning. For example:

  • In order to separate the hallway from other rooms, it is not necessary to use wardrobes or a permanent partition, you can install a mobile partition, which can be moved or folded.
  • It is better to choose the built-in technique or place it in specially made niches, freeing up space.
  • Different levels of ceilings in different zones will increase the possibilities and save space.
  • Furniture-transformer and modular furniture will help create two zones in one. A folding chair or a sofa can additionally become a place to sleep, and the serving table will, in addition to its main functions, also perform the functions of a desktop.
  • To divide a studio apartment into zones, you can use not only glass and mirror partitions, but also light screens, which you can move (if you change the interior of the zones) or fold (increasing the space of the zones).

Reception works well with partitions in the form of shelving. They not only share the space, but also serve to store a variety of necessary things: books, equipment, dishes.




Studio apartment is good because you can arrange and plan it for every taste. The main thing - creative imagination and budget. Although this type of housing is cheaper than usual, sometimes redevelopment and construction "eat up" a considerable share of finance. However, all efforts and money are worth it.