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How to quickly and easily build a chicken coop with your own hands?


Many owners of a country house dream of breeding chickens. But to order the construction of specialists is quite expensive. You can keep the bird in a normal barn, but in this case it will be reluctant to rush, because the conditions for this are inappropriate. It is best to arrange a comfortable place yourself. There are many ways to build a chicken coop with your own hands. The main thing is to correctly determine the type of construction, material and other characteristics.



How to choose the right place for the chicken coop?

Before you build a chicken coop, you must correctly choose a place for it. In doing so, follow these guidelines:

  • It is better to have a building on a small hill. So it will not be flooded with heavy rain or after melting snow.
  • If you build a house of great length, then it is better to locate it from east to west. In this case, the windows must be on the south side. So the maximum amount of sunlight will penetrate inside, which has a beneficial effect on the chicken.
  • Try to locate the house in the most quiet and secluded place of your site. Strong noise interferes with the bird, and it rushes reluctantly.
  • Build a chicken coop so that there is free space around it. This will allow you to expand it in the future.

Properly positioning the building, you will create a comfortable environment for the bird. The only way you can count on a large number of products.

Easier and faster to build a summer chicken coop. In it, you can keep a small number of chickens, which in the winter can be used for meat. This option is suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to regularly visit their site in the summer.

The easiest way to build a chicken coop for 10 chickens is to use plywood sheets and wooden beams. You do not need to invest a lot of money and spend a lot of time. Birds will feel comfortable, they will be protected from adverse weather conditions.

The framework of construction is erected from a wooden bar. When buying a material carefully inspect it. It should not show signs of rotting and damage by insects. The amount of material needed will depend on the size of the house. At the same time adhere to the basic rule: for every two chickens should account for one square meter. For the construction of the foundation will need bricks and mortar for their laying. Close window openings can be using a metal grid.

In order to build a chicken coop on 10 chickens with your own hands, you must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Mark the corners of the future construction. In each of them, dig small depressions under the brick posts. The same recesses must be prepared and around the perimeter. At the same time between them must be maintained a distance of one meter.
  2. From brick and mortar, erect columns 40 cm wide. They should rise 20 cm above the ground. Ensure that all columns have the same height. Otherwise, the building will turn skewed. In order for the cement to harden completely, wait at least five days. Only then will it be possible to build a small chicken coop further.
  3. Build a floor frame from the bars along the entire perimeter of the floor. Lay a ruberoid backing between brick pillars and a bar. Connect the ends of the bars in half the thickness. Lay the floor logs. For this, the parallel bars are laid with an edge and are connected using the thorn-groove method.
  4. From a bar we build a framework of walls of the future small chicken coop. Vertical beams fasten every half meter.
  5. Fill the walls with sheets of plywood. Fasten it with screws. Do not forget to leave openings under the windows and the door. Make the windows large so that as much sunlight as possible penetrates inside.
  6. Sheathe the window openings with metal mesh.
  7. It is best if your mini coop will have a gable roof. For this, the bars are joined at an angle. Sheets of plywood must be fixed in the transverse direction. Lay the roofing layer on top.

This simple method can build a chicken coop for 20 chickens or more. It is built quickly enough. Even an inexperienced master will be able to cope with such work. If desired, such a frame chicken coop can be remade in the winter with your own hands. For this, floors are insulated with mineral wool, walls with foam, and for the roof it is better to use roll materials.

In order to maintain the bird all year round, a capital building with good thermal insulation is necessary. An excellent option would be to build a winter chicken coop of foam blocks. This material will allow creating an ideal microclimate indoors for any number of birds, even for one hundred and more individuals. The price of such a structure will be much less than in the case of using wood.

Foam blocks are completely safe material that does not emit any toxic substances into the air. From it you can build a chicken coop for the winter for 100 chickens or a mini-version.

In the event that you want to build a chicken coop for broilers and breed them for sale, then it is advisable to build a two-story structure. At the same time, the height of the ceilings on each floor should be at least 70 cm. Such a building will not take up much space, and you can accommodate a lot of birds in it.

A chicken coop for 30 chickens and 100 will require different amounts of material. Therefore, before you go to the construction market, make the appropriate calculations. It is better to purchase blocks with a small margin.

Foam blocks of density D 400 and higher are suitable for building walls. They have standard sizes. The thickness of the walls should be chosen based on the climatic features of the region. If winters are quite severe, it is better to make the walls in two blocks.

Work sequence

The easiest way to build a chicken coop in the country with your own hands on 100 chickens is to follow the following sequence of actions:

  1. It is necessary to begin work with laying of the base. To this end, a trench 20 cm wide and 20 cm deep is excavated along the perimeter of the future building. Rubble mixed with sand is poured at its bottom. The mixture must be thoroughly tamped. To get the best grip on concrete, spray with water. Assemble the formwork for the concrete foundation. Above the surface of the earth it should rise by 20 cm. Lay a framework of interconnected reinforcement with a diameter of 6 cm across. Fill in the concrete mix. For full hardening of concrete, it is necessary not less than three days. After that, the formwork can be removed. Concrete cover with ruberoid.
  2. Laying the walls of a winter chicken coop with your own hands is best to start from the corners. Focusing on them, all walls are built. Fixing of blocks is made with the help of a special solution. To give extra strength, the brickwork is reinforced. With the help of the grinder, a small groove is cut in the blocks. The reinforcement with a diameter of 6 cm is laid into it. After that, the next row is laid. Left space under the window and door.
  3. After the mills are well dried, you can proceed to the installation of the roof. At the beginning of the preparation of the base of wooden boards, and then fit the selected roofing material.

Such a chicken coop for hens will last more than a dozen years. It will reliably protect the bird from the cold in winter.



Internal arrangement of the coop

It is not enough to know how to build a chicken coop correctly, you still need to competently equip its interior. Only in this way it will be possible to create comfortable conditions for the bird. Mandatory attributes of the house are:

  • Roosting Any construction you build must be equipped with roosts. For their manufacture will need a bar with a cross section of 30x40. Its side faces must be rounded to make it more comfortable for the bird to sit. Remove large burrs, grind. Identify a suitable place for roost in the hen house and secure the roost. Maintain a distance between them of at least 30 cm. If you decide to build a mini chicken coop for 20 chickens, then you will need at least 6 meters of roost. Each bird should have at least 30 cm of balk.
  • Nests In order for the chickens to rush, they need nests. The ideal option would be closed models, as in them the bird will feel safe. The size of one nest should be at least 30 by 40 cm. Make them out of wood. For 10 birds enough 10 houses. Lay a layer of sawdust and hay at the bottom of each nest. In the same way, it is necessary to cover the floor throughout the hen house.
  • Drinkers and feeders. They need to be fixed at a slight elevation above the floor. So they will not get trash.
  • Lighting. Warm chicken coop during winter time requires lighting. To do this, install a simple electric lamp. It is necessary to close the ceiling.
  • Heating. Any winter chicken coop must be heated, especially in severe cold. For this you can use fan heaters or infrared heaters. When choosing a fan heater, give preference to programmable models. They are more expensive, but help to save electricity. Infrared heaters are installed above the perches and the free part of the hen house. They consume much less electricity than other types of heaters. Such devices will be an ideal option when setting up a chicken coop with your own hands.

Build a small house or an impressive chicken coop with your own hands is easy. With a little effort and a minimum of material, you will create a comfortable environment for chickens. And they, in turn, will thank you with a large number of fresh homemade eggs.