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Original and diverse tulle for the bedroom: the coolness of weightlessness (22 photos)


The bedroom is a world of calm, peace and solitude. Every corner of the room should be filled with comfort and bring only pleasant emotions to the owner. Not the last role in the interior of the bedroom plays textiles, namely tulle. It finally forms the space, gives the room lightness, and sometimes acts as the main highlight of the interior.



How to choose a tulle for the bedroom?

Successfully selected and decorated tulle in the bedroom is able to breathe life into the interior, the room will sparkle with new colors. But if you make a mistake with the choice of tulle, the impression even from the most sophisticated premises will be spoiled.

Translucent tulle visually expands the space, making it easier and airy. Sunlight easily penetrates through it, while the rays are slightly scattered and not so scorching.

First of all, before you hang the tulle in the bedroom, you need to carefully consider the layout of the windows. If you doubt your own design abilities or do not know how beautiful to hang tulle - contact the experts in this field.

Curtains of tulle should fit harmoniously into the style of the room. For example, roses and frills will be out of place in a room where rhythmic hi-tech or strict minimalism prevails. Here you should pay attention to monochrome or saturated shades. If you are looking for a universal solution, then decorate the window with beige monophonic tulle.

The curtains combined from a material of different colors look very fashionable and spectacular. For example, two monochrome canvases of contrasting colors and canvas with embroidery or pattern.




Lighting is another important criterion when choosing tulle for the bedroom. If the sun's rays rarely look into the window of your bedroom, pick up plain fabrics and a bright palette. The room will be bright and elegant. For rooms with an excess of sunlight (mostly windows facing south or east), pick up thick curtains in the bedroom. In the scorching afternoon, the curtains can be closed, and in the evening you can open and enjoy the soaring of light tulle.

For a spacious bedroom with an impressive square you can come up with a huge number of options for decorating windows. But with small rooms you need to dream up and be smart. You may have to abandon traditional curtains altogether or replace them with a Roman curtain. If there is a shortage of space, choose pastel colors, simple draperies and do not burden the window opening with the decor. Lightweight tulle will visually enlarge the room, add air and lightness to it.



Types of tulle in modern bedrooms

Light translucent fabric for the design of window openings began to be used several centuries ago in France. The appearance of this matter with an intricate interweaving of threads created a sensation in the world of fashion and interior design. Tulle curtains do not lose their popularity in the modern realities of the world of high technology. Organza, chiffon and lace help create original and classic design solutions.



Tulle in the interior of the bedroom is most often used for window openings. There are several options for such decoration:

  • using eyelets;
  • ensemble with muslin;
  • combination with a Roman curtain;
  • tulle pelmets and draperies.

The variety and versatility of tulle curtains allows designers to experiment with style and offer unusual solutions.



Not just for windows

The design of tulle in the bedroom does not end only on the decoration of window openings. For the formation of a stylish and finished interior, you can create these ensembles of tulle.

The curtains will harmoniously fit into the interior, if you decorate with a tulle a lamp, a lamp of a night lamp, make ruffles on pillows or a bedspread.