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Mirrors opposite each other: "yes" and "no" (22 photos)


The mirror is rightly considered one of the most mysterious objects needed by man. He is accompanied by omens, superstitions, rumors. Mirrors opposite each other have an ominous reputation. What is it based on and is it possible to hang them like this? Let's try to figure it out.



What are the concerns?

Sorcerers, mystics, and their other colleagues, who operate on measurements of space beyond normal limits, warn of restrictions. They are confident that this configuration creates a mirror tunnel with unusual properties that enhance the power of the mirror. The mirrors opposite each other favor divination, the challenge of astral entities, the exit to another dimension. This allegedly enjoyed the inhabitants of a parallel world. For example, to pull into our reality the mirror twin of a person.



Mirror vis-à-vis unnecessarily for any room

To prevent the “corridor” from forming in a house or apartment, it is allowed to hang mirrors in any way, just not opposite each other. Otherwise, trouble the owners are guaranteed.

Entrance hall

Here you can not put or hang mirrors not only opposite each other, but also in front of the entrance door. Such a dislocation entails difficulties with personal life, career, family disunity. Plus shaky health, failure of electronics, robbery. This is because a window to the mirror-like world is being created right from the door.

To protect housing from such "corridors" and "windows", it is enough to have one mirror full-length, without falling into it of reflections from other rooms.




The person here is also helpless, so the mirrors hung opposite each other are contraindicated. They create such an astral background of the bathroom that the energy shield is easily washed off along with the physical dirt. And to restore it for a long time, is problematic.

Young, physically strong men will show weakness, craving for alcohol and drugs. Healthy young women who dream of a child cannot become pregnant.


The specificity of the bad influence of two mirrors in this area is such that the probability of cuts, burns, and other injuries increases. Products deteriorate faster, lose useful properties. Electrical appliances can fail: microwave, blender, kettle.



Country house

The trouble threatens a subsidiary farm: the loss of livestock, other domestic fowl. Probably crop failure in the garden, the garden, even if they are taken care of according to all the rules.

What does feng shui say?

Popular Oriental doctrine assesses the situation less categorically.

For the hallway, the alignment is rather favorable: two mirrors hung at the entrance opposite each other can attract good luck for the house. And if they are wrapped in red frames, then the cash flow is secured. The mirror near the door on the side (not the opposite) "pulls out" of the entire negative or evil intentions.

However, in relation to the bedroom, there is agreement with the general magic line: here you should not hang mirrors. It is believed that through them the forces from the world of the dead enter the sleeper, making the person obsessed.

Mirrors opposite each other for centuries used in mystical practices. A famous example when in Russia girls tried to see their future husband this way. This was done on the eve of holidays (especially at Christmas time, that is, from Christmas to Epiphany, from January 7 to 20). A fortunatee sat down between two mirrors, set a candle in front of her, intensely examining the glossy surface. It might seem a betrothed. The rumor states, however, that sometimes instead of the groom, something more terrible was generated.

Mirrors, set in a special way, help to communicate with the spirits, to see the past, the future, to get into a parallel world. This is possible because of the ability of the mirror corridor to distort reflected objects and the distance to them. Another thing is that the journey is only one way.

A mirror is not just a piece of furniture or designer refinement needed daily. When installing it, it is advisable to take into account several rules.

  • Dangerous mirror mosaic: splitting the reflection into fragments, it can also break life.
  • The mirror should be set so that the person sees himself completely, as a last resort, to the waist or chest. Unacceptable "circumcision" of the arms, legs, head, shoulders.
  • Mirrors, hung in any combination, will not bring negatives to the house if they reflect everything that is pleasant to the owners, as well as the table set for the meal. They should not get cluttered or tightly packed space, bed.

But is it possible to destroy an unfavorable mirror corridor, and with it problems? Yes, you need to move the second mirror. In the bedroom it is better to mount it on the inside of the wardrobe door. It is worth remembering that the mirrors hanged in a small space make it more spacious.



Mirror Tunnel Physics

This phenomenon is based on the quite terrestrial physical property of a glossy surface to reflect the incident light, and with it other energy flows. Passing through the mirrors set against each other, the stream loops. The process is endless, it can increase or weaken.



Scientists agree: such corridors distort reality, a person’s appearance, create portals that lead to no one knows where. For example, in parallel dimensions, recognized, by the way, by official academic science.

However, the mirror entrance does not open by itself, efforts and knowledge are needed. Otherwise, the stream will weaken, and the portal will remain closed. Not every magician can do this, not to mention the average man in the street.



Therefore, there is no reason to be afraid of two mirrors hanging against each other. In shopping centers, beauty salons, dance or ballet classes as many as you want. In ordinary homes, mirrors opposite each other are rarely seen, but there are plenty of problems for their owners.

How to hang mirrors in the interior, whether to trust the rumors, everyone decides for himself. Just listen to yourself, your feelings.