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Cuckoo Clock - a symbol of home comfort (22 photos)


The clock mechanism, enclosed in a box or fixed on a flat surface, we see only two (three) sharp hands, showing the time in that corner of the globe where they are. Watches can be very different:

  • wall mounted;
  • desktop;
  • wrist.

This is not a complete list of performances. Everyone will remember several more types of exotic and everyday time points. Their function is not limited to accurate measurement of hours, minutes and seconds. Very often they serve as an interior decoration, a bright accessory, an accent that emphasizes the style of the room.



Still go

Wall clocks more often than others fulfill this role. Legendary fighting watches, with metal weights on ancient chains and brilliant Roman numerals decorated the drawing rooms of the last century, laconic square with large Arabic numerals could be seen in public places: at train stations, mail, shop. And the cute cuckoo clock? They composed poems and songs about them, they were an integral attribute of the village hut and the village house. Moreover, not every family could afford to buy a watch. Therefore, the happy owners hung them for all to see as a luxury item.




Germany is considered their homeland, where local watchmakers created their prototype, which instantly became popular among the population. The usual mechanism of a clock with a fight - this is the wall cuckoo clock. Here, instead of a resounding battle at equal intervals of half an hour and an hour, imitation of the cuckoo singing is turned on. Sometimes it is accompanied by additional noise accompaniment, for example, the sound of a gong or a simple one-act melody resembling a music box.



The Bird of Happiness

In the market of antiques, a cuckoo clock is mechanical in perfect condition, with a working mechanism is not easy to find. The best specimens are in private collections and public museums. But if you are suddenly lucky, and when you disassemble unnecessary rubbish in the attic of a wooden house, you find a similar object, do not rush to throw it out or urgently sell it to buyers for a bargain price.



Carefully evaluate their performance, belonging to the time period and the materials from which they are made. Perhaps in your hands a real treasure! After a careful and detailed assessment of antiquarian specialists and watchmakers, it will be possible to make an informed decision: leave them as a family heirloom or sell them.



New reading

How to be to those who do not have a wonderful old attic with antique things, but still want to create a vintage interior in a country house? There is an exit! P

The industry offers an excellent electronic cuckoo clock. They can be bought in the online store by choosing a model that will surely wake up childhood memories: a traditional miniature house, to which black weights are hung on chains or a laconic design without weights and decor.

The normal operating mode of an electronic device is 24 hours. It sets the time interval when the "cuckoo" will be on or, on the contrary, off. It is very convenient and allows you to use the clock in the children's room, bedroom and studio without the fear that the sound will be heard in the middle of the night. In some models, you can set not only the time interval, but also the days of the week counter, by setting "chuck" on weekdays. Electronic cuckoo clocks operate on mains or batteries.

So you can say about the quartz cuckoo clock. Own forest clearing in the house, creating comfort, where the "cuckoo" is distributed only at the request of the owners. Here, as well as the electronic version of the clock, it is possible to turn off the soundtrack for the night - not only the cuckoo, but also the sound of the pendulum. This will have absolutely no effect on the clock, they will still count the exact time.



There are watches with a built-in photocell: according to the darkness that has come in the room, they “understand” that night has fallen and are being transferred to silent mode. In the light of a nightlight or TV, the photocell can turn off, so position them so that there is no directional beam. The stores feature many watches with a quartz movement made in Korea, China, Russia, and Germany.

The most expensive and popular cuckoo clocks, made by German craftsmen. They represent a true work of modern art.

In addition to the traditional cuckoo, they are equipped with wonderful moving figures emerging from a fairy-tale house with a patterned roof. Their cost starts from fifteen thousand rubles, depending on the configuration and size.



More budget watches are made by Korea. There are mini-watches in different colors and different stylistic directions: imitation of a wooden house of dark and light colors, bright plastic, beautifully decorated dial with floral patterns. The very "cracking" of modern cuckoos is different from the soundtrack of the 18-19 century. Today in her repertoire there is a gentle singing of birds, a light splash of water, the murmur of a streamlet.