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Bathroom design 2019: fashion tips (26 photos)


A variety of design options for bathrooms in 2019 pleases with its brightness, originality and the presence of additional trendy elements. Whatever the location of the bathroom, depending on the area, features of the layout and location, there is an optimal solution that takes into account all the characteristics of the repaired space. Developments of modern designers allow you to create not only beautiful, but also practical rooms.



The most fashionable trends in the design of bathrooms

The modern design of the bathroom in 2019 is based on simplicity, conciseness and clarity of lines. The ideal solution for such a trend in finishing the interior of the bathroom becomes fashionable minimalism this season. When finishing the room in this style, the following design techniques are successfully applied:

  • multifunctionality of used furniture and decor items;
  • combinations of smooth flat surfaces;
  • minimum contrasts;
  • preference for calm colors and a combination of half tones.

Creating an interior in the style of minimalism, you can be sure of the simplicity and speed of the finishing process. Due to the presence of a variety of materials, among which it is possible to find and quite economical, repairing the room does not require impressive financial costs, and also does not take much time.

Bathroom design 2019, made according to the canons of minimalism, is ideal for almost any style of apartment or house as a whole.



Features of furniture sets for baths

The real bathroom furniture has become a real hit in recent years. The latest collections of bathroom furniture for 2019 are no exception. This wall mounting option for cabinets has a number of advantages:

  • allows to achieve expansion of space;
  • eliminates the effect of congestion of furniture;
  • perfectly emphasizes one of the main trends of the season - a combination of the bright color of the bathroom floor with the calm colors of the walls and ceiling.





Special tools used in the processing of wood furniture surfaces, prevent further deformation, provide increased protection against moisture, and also protect furniture from external mechanical damage. Since the main trends in bathroom design are harmony and eco-style, the predominance of materials such as stone and wood, used both in the decoration and in the bathroom, became the main rules when recreating the actual interior of the room.



Stylish new spring-summer season

Appearing in the collections of finishing materials at the end of the year, ceramics and tiles with imitation of untreated concrete walls are still firmly in place. As a rule, the finishing elements are made in various shades of gray with permissible minor additions, interspersions. Also, as an addition, it is permissible to use decorative inserts and panels.



The colors and sizes of such compositions depend not only on the individual preferences of the owner, but also on the size of the room. You should not give preference to large-sized images with a compact size of the bathroom.




The loft style, so much loved by homeowners and designers, successfully migrated to the limits of the bathrooms. The special atmosphere of a loft can be easily achieved by using ordinary brick or one of its imitations as a finishing material. Brickwork harmoniously looks on one of the walls of the room. In the presence of additional surface treatment, such a wall copes with the increased humidity in the room, allows the fastening of various objects and undergoes further painting if necessary.




Do not forget that the bathroom should be in harmony with the rest of the apartment design and have the necessary functionality. Modern construction and finishing materials allow you to translate your dream into reality, following the latest fashion trends, and a variety of styles and trends in the decoration allows you to satisfy the most demanding taste, providing the rooms with an individual character and originality of performance.