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Pink sofa: playful mood and creative approach (31 photos)


The pink sofa in the interior is a bold and “delicious” accent that can set a special tone for the whole room. There has always been a bias towards this rather pretentious thing. Many believe that the upholstered furniture of such a flirtatious shade looks vulgar or overly provocative.



In fact, modern companies offer such a wide range of products, where you can choose the most unusual and exclusive pieces of upholstered furniture. Each of them is a worthy basis for creating a wide variety of interior compositions: from the flirtatious “girl kingdom”, personifying the children's mood, to a rather adult and sophisticated art deco.

Depending on the configuration of the sofa itself, colors, texture, the presence of another auxiliary decor, you can create absolutely amazing interior installations. For example, an ash-pink leather sofa with elegant metal legs and minimalist armrests will look airy and concise.




It is necessary to put such an element in a room where white and gray tones predominate, the situation will sparkle with new amazing colors, and the pomposity and pretentiousness of pink upholstered furniture will disappear without a trace. You should not categorically abandon the bold elements in the interior. All that is needed is to learn how to properly place accents.




Gentle pink pastel

Delicate pastel with pink tints, natural shades, close to the solid or powdery tone, are considered the most appreciative and easy to use. Colors that radiate warmth, tenderness, sophistication, symbolize femininity and comfort.



Sofa for girls in soft colors - perfect. To create an interior for a teenager is extremely difficult. These are “adult children”, to which traditionally adult attributes of style are alien, but they are already in full rejecting the children's format. That's it in this case, you can very effectively combine the traditional classic lines and concise decor with a romantic color as a base for the formation of the interior.



Dark shades of the palette are much more textured and more complex. However, if the pink sofa is tastefully selected and properly complemented, the room will look magical. There are many shades that are worth paying attention to:

  • Faded rose;
  • Berry Caramel;
  • Ripe cherry;
  • Strawberry marmalade.

Dark pink soft furniture should be surrounded by cold flowers. For example, discreet purple hues: from a cosmically black tone to the color of dark lavender. These color combinations are good for the living room and bedroom. It is believed that this color makes the situation more relaxing, promotes proper rest and getting rid of negative emotions.



The bedroom is comfortable to place the sofa bed rich pink color. It can be a majestic atmosphere of the East, an elaborate and pompous rococo, a rich Victorian style. The main thing is that all inhabitants of the apartment should be comfortable.



About harmony and style

In order to have a bright purple bed, a pink sofa or a catchy fuchsia armchair that blends in well with the interior, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances and trivia. Everything is important: color, tone, texture, light.

Dark pink tone looks good against a whitewashed brick wall. The color of the flooring and textiles - cold beige or ash gray shade. If the sofa is in the living room, a minimalist fireplace with a wide shelf will perfectly suit the white whitewash. Huge flower vases or flower pots with some bright indoor plants are also placed here.



If you plan to put two sofas in the room and minor furniture attributes of pink color, it is better to give preference to the most muted tone. Neutralize excessive brightness with the help of properly selected accessories. It can be a beautiful dark-colored bedspread without a pattern. Great pillows look good chocolate, black, rich gray tones. Patterns and prints are not appropriate here either. Only small embroidery is allowed.



Stylistic approaches

Recently, designers are increasingly experimenting with industrial interiors, trying to improve the fashionable loft, using completely unexpected combinations of colors and basic attributes. Neutral colors will be an excellent base, where brick walls, components of a typical industrial interior surrounded by dark wood elements will become one spectacular installation along with a pink sofa.



Hi-tech and flirtatious avant-garde are also friendly in terms of using various bright pieces of furniture. The grace, smooth forms and a laconic decor is welcomed.



An eclectic living room with a coquettish color sofa requires one neutral background. So that the pink furniture does not look alien, the decor is decorated with canvases of modern artists with abstraction. Accent pillows, striped carpets or curtains will be appropriate.