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Metal decor: beauty tempered in fire (22 photos)


Metal jewelry has always been in special demand from owners of country houses and dacha plots. The benefit of a large selection of metal products from wall decor to arbors with a metal frame gives us the opportunity to purchase exactly what harmoniously fits into the interior of a green garden.



In the Bronze Age, people first learned about metal, and since then this material has been an integral part of our life. It is used absolutely in all spheres of human activity: from the manufacture of heavy weapons to the creation of masterpieces of jewelry art. Every day on TV screens, elements of which, incidentally, are also made of metal, flash ads in which motorists arrange test-drives of their “iron horses”, housewives rub tableware to shine, tractor operators plow fields, and gardeners dig shovels for future trees with shovels and decorate the site with a brand new forged bench.

The decor of metal for the garden has not only an aesthetic component, but also carries a certain spiritual load. According to feng shui, this material personifies abundance and success in business. The Taoist practice of symbolic development of space recommends that metal decorative elements be placed in the western part of the site.

To decorate the garden, you can use any material: aluminum, cast iron, steel, bronze and even brass.



Metal fences

Of course, for zoning the site, you can use a simple fence from a thin sheet of steel. But will it harmoniously fit into the design of the territory? It is hardly possible to achieve harmony and integrity of the overall style of the garden, if the fence does not contain elements of decor. If you use Chinese characters for decoration, such as graffiti or masterpieces of fine art of your children in the urban jungle, a simple galvanized steel sheet fence will sparkle with new colors and make your front garden truly unique.


Imagine how in the center of the garden, under the curly shade of trees hiding arbor of wrought-iron frame? At one glance at such a masterpiece I want to take a book and, sitting down on a rocking chair, retire under the roof of such an arbor.



When metal becomes a symbol of luxury

Such garden decor as fences, benches or arches have long been an integral part of any backyard or suburban area. Because of their affordable price, every average Russian can afford them. But there are things with the help of which you can not only create a magnificent garden design, but also emphasize your status.



Blacksmithing has long ceased to be a simple craft and moved to the rank of art. Any master of blacksmiths can in a matter of hours create a unique wall decor, arch or garden figure. But now masters who tame fire and metal are turning to create truly unique things.



Metal window sills, signs with house number and other decorative elements made of bronze, aluminum, steel and cast iron

Such seemingly trifles are able to create a unique design of your home and land and become the center of any stylistic decision of the backyard territory.



For decorating gardens there is a huge amount of jewelry from figures of different sizes to benches and pillars. Most of them are cheap, and for the purchase of some items have to spend a large amount of money. But no matter how much you pay for metal decor, you should know that these things will delight you with their beauty for several decades.