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How to choose bed linen: professional advise


The question of how to choose bed linen for the house is given to each hostess. In the consumer market, the choice of linen is huge. The hostess would like that it would meet such basic requirements as quality, comfort and reasonable cost. In order not to stumble upon products of poor quality, it is recommended to listen to useful recommendations.



The quality of sleep is directly dependent on what you sleep. We spend about a third of our lives in bed. Therefore, sleep should be organized at a high level of quality. How to choose bedding? Consider useful tips that tell you how best to choose underwear for the house.

What fabric to choose for bed linen? The choice of fabric depends on your individual preferences. If you are allergic to synthetic fibers, then this fabric should not be acquired.

Natural fabric - the perfect solution for linen. It can be flax, bamboo, cotton, silk. Depending on the characteristics of weaving and density level, such fabrics as calico, chintz, satin and many others emit. Natural fabrics will cost more than artificial materials.

It is imperative that good bedding can let in moisture and "breathe." It is desirable that at least a sheet and pillowcase were natural.



If you choose a bright color material, the quality of the dye used should be at a high level.

The choice of material density

One square centimeter of fabric should have a certain number of threads. The harder the fabric for bedding, the higher the level of its strength. The most inexpensive fabric density of 20-40 threads per square centimeter. 50-90 - the average level of density. The highest level of density is 90-280 threads per square centimeter. Fabrics such as batiste and flax are distinguished by a minimum level of density. Silk and cotton are characterized by high density.

Good choice of size

It must meet the parameters of the human body and bed. You can focus on the standard Russian bed sizes. There are different sizes. Allocate single, one and half-sleeping, double, children's linen, sets family and with euro a sheet. It should be adopted that different manufacturers sizes may be different.

If the linen is of high quality, it is stitched using a special bed seam. You can check the quality of the seam by examining the material from the wrong side. Threads of the material must be reliable and matched to the tone of the material.

Choose a color set

To do this you need to decide on the colors. It is important that the kit fits the overall design idea.

If you are a business person, it is better to choose strict or pastel colors. Cheerful, strong-willed and energetic bedroom owner is better to choose bright and rich colors. Romantic natures will like the abundance of ryushes, bows, will attract delicate shades. If you are a calm and balanced nature, then you will like vegetable and floral prints.

Quality of material

What kind of low quality material? Carefully inspect the products from all sides. If the new set smells like paint and has a pronounced chemical smell, then its purchase should be abandoned. If the smell of the dye is excessively strong, then this indicates a low product quality. Poor-quality linen sheds excessively when washed.

Coloring from the front and back side should be uniform. Stable material can be easily washed at a temperature of 60 degrees.

Quality of packaging

Reliable manufacturers should not save on packaging. It must be of high quality and reliable.

Choosing the material for bed linen

How to choose bedding depending on the material? The material properties of bed linen depend on various criteria: composition, density, method of weaving. What fabric to choose for bed linen?



Flax is the oldest and proven material for a long period of time. It is characterized by durability, wear resistance and resistance to deformation. This fabric absorbs moisture well and conducts heat well. It is comfortable to sleep on linen material at any time of the year. This material is not afraid of pathogenic bacteria.

Coloring flax produced in a natural way. No pesticides are used in this process. Thus, flax is an environmentally friendly material. It has a smooth texture that repels dirt. Therefore you will wash linen much less often than other materials. 100% linen fabric is wrinkled quickly and difficult to iron.

Calico is the most popular version of cotton fabric for bed linen. This material can be a great solution for everyday use. The price is acceptable, and the color range is characterized by a wide variety of choices. The performance of the material are at a high level of quality. The fabric can easily survive a large number of washes. The standard density of this material is 145 g / m2.

Sateen - cotton material, which is characterized by the presence of a special double weaving of twisted threads. Thanks to this method of manufacturing, the material is distinguished by its smoothness, brilliant surface and high level of strength. The color palette of the material is varied.



Types of sateen are different. It can be satin jacquard, coupon or mako-satin. Satin-jacquard is distinguished by a complex and dense interlacing of fibers. As a result of this interweaving an impressive pattern is formed. This version of bed linen looks luxurious and catchy. He is often chosen as a gift option. Coupon satin is distinguished by a variety of patterns. Mako-satin is made from Egyptian cotton. It is durable and keeps its shape perfectly. Differs smoothness and silkiness to the touch, and also easily washable.

Polyester bedding is suitable for those who do not have an allergic reaction. This material has many advantages. It is easy to wash and iron. Synthetic materials often shed. Pay at the moment when you buy the material.

A very soft and natural fabric is bamboo. It is durable, durable and pleasant to the touch. The cost of this material is acceptable.

The plain weave fabric is poplin. It has a small transverse scar, which is formed as a result of a combination of thick and thin threads. This material is considered dense, durable. Its texture is soft and has a noble shine. This product is easy to maintain and does not need ironing.



Silk is the most expensive material. It is quite rare in the shop windows. This material has a high level of quality, durability. Difficulties care when buying a set of this material will not arise. Silk has the property of thermoregulation and is able to slow down the aging process of the skin.

Insanely beautiful and pleasant to the touch is such a fabric as the cambric. This material may be slightly transparent and slightly flowing. The performance of the material is low. The considerable price of a set of cambric is explained by excellent aesthetic data.

How to choose baby bedding?

Fabric for baby clothes should be soft, high density and not cause allergies. Such materials include calico, cotton, interlock, flannel. From the flannel mainly make children's bedclothes for the smallest. This cotton material has a high level of softness. It is warm and cozy, able to warm not only adults, but also kids. Quality flannel underwear has a density of 170 to 257 g / m2. It is necessary to select a kit depending on the age of the child.

How to choose the color of bed linen?

If the color of the set is chosen correctly, then you can create an aura of wonderful mood in the bedroom. Properly selected colors fill the room with comfort and harmony.